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Spawn Curse of Apocalypse Coming Soon From McFarlane Toys
This version giving Al Simmons his Curse of Apocalypse skin for the hit fighting game Mortal Kombat 11 The figure is set to be exclusive to Walmart, so it will be quite tricky to find since but are slated to hit pegs in April The Gold Label Collection is fairly new to McFarlane Toys, with[...]
Image Comics January Solicitations 2020
That's how close we are to getting this thing off the ground." So now, Todd has to seemingly regroup yet again to find a new star, and possibly financing to get Al Simmons back up on the big screen Hopefully he can, Spawn still has quite the following, and those fans have stuck through with the[...]
Todd McFarlane Talks New Spawn Direction And Possible Animated Series
With the upcoming Spawn #250 and the Spawn: Resurrection, series creator and Image co-founder Todd McFarlane talked with IGN about the new creative team (Paul Jenkins and JonBoy Meyers), the new direction for Al Simmons / Spawn and his goal for getting to issue #301 He also talks about the possibility of a new Spawn[...]
Todd McFarlane Settles With Al Simmons, DC Try To Get Their Costs From Toberoff
We reported on what appeared to be a rather ridiculous legal suit earlier this year, when Todd McFarlane sued Al Simmons for representing himself as the inspiration for Todd's creation Spawn Despite Todd McFarlane's publications often describing Al Simmons as… well… the inspiration for Todd's creation, Spawn. Well, it's been settled The Hollywood Reporter reports; Spawn creator[...]
Todd McFarlane Sues Al Simmons For Being Spawn
Todd McFarlane is suing Al Simmons, his former friend and employee, after whom who he named the secret identity of his character Spawn. And who he then employed to dress up as Spawn and appear at various comic conventions, and launches at his comic store. And its all due to a book that Simmons wrote, The Art[...]