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Amazon Reveals Several Games Coming To Amazon Luna+ In May
Amazon revealed today that they will be bringing several games to Amazon Luna+ in May, expanding their library a little more Specifically, they will be bringing in four games from four different developers as they will have The Wonderful 101: Remastered, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV, RAD, and Rogue Heroes: Ruins of[...]
Amazon Announces Its New Cloud Gaming Service Called Luna
Amazon revealed today that they have added a new streaming option in Amazon Luna as players can now stream in 720p The streaming option was added to the service as more of an aid to players, as it will allow customers who have data cap limitations from their internet service providers to play at a[...]
SEGA Reveals Team Sonic Racing Is Headed To Amazon Luna
SEGA announced this morning that they will be bringing Team Sonic Racing over to Amazon Luna, Amazon's cloud gaming service The company revealed today that the racing title will head to the platform today along with other SEGA titles already there such as Sonic Mania Plus Basically, it means that if you have access to[...]