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B&W Horror Comics Anthology in Antarctic Press December 2020 Solicits
Antarctic Press is launching a new black and white horror comics anthology in December, one of a number of new anthology comics series they have been launching in recent years Here's the listing along with everything else they are publishing in their December 2020 solicitations. HORROR COMICS BLACK AND WHITE #1 (OF 3) OCT201114 (W) VARIOUS (A) VARIOUS What's[...]
Alfred Perez's 'Gao' From Antarctic Press Launches In October
Antarctic Press will have Gao #1 by Perez out on comic book stands on October 25th. Cower at the presence of Gao, colossal kaiju of cuteness!  This lovable leviathan spends his days under the sea until visiting aliens convince him to make friends on the surface.  Gao thus leaves the ocean depths, only to spread shock and d'awww[...]
Antarctic Steampunk Girls Become Summer Girls – And More Ch-Ch-Changes
Has the bloom come off the copper-plated rose, where steampunk is concerned? I only ask because the trademark-baiting Antarctic Press' Victorian Secret: Girls of Steampunk #1 has suddenly been retitled Victorian Secret: Girls of Summer #1 Which has a totally different vibe… and certainly less of those long flowing dresses. The backup story in Action Comics #11[...]
Has Antarctic Found A Way To Publish Zombie Kid?
Last year, Jeff Kinney, the author of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid took a restraining order against Antarctic Press for their publication of the comic Diary Of A Zombie Kid on trademark grounds Antarctic Press complied with the order, and the comic disappeared from the shelves, while the two negotiated. But they'd already lined up a[...]