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Review: GW's "Vanguard Space Marines" - "Warhammer 40,000"
And, if you just want more Daemons of Chaos, feel free to mention that too My Nurgle army is getting large. Hello there, loyal readers and fans of all manner of games produced by Games Workshop! Today I have a somewhat different review than anything you're used to seeing from me, or that I'm used[...]
"Rumor Engine" Today Appears Chaotic - "Games Workshop"
However, to talk about both together seems like we are overlooking the big question: Who made the hammer? My theory: This is a Chaos Dwarf hammer made by Games Workshop for their upcoming game, Warhammer: The Old World. Source: Games Workshop Yes, I'm calling this now Even though the old art above this paragraph shows a number of[...]
"Warhammer 40,000" TV Series in the Works
Games Workshop is expanding its empires at an astronomical pace. There is going to be a television show based on their Warhammer 40,000 brand of hobbyist wargames!