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Avatar: The Way Of Water Will Debut On Disney+ On June 7th
That said, it is unclear whether this streaming deal will apply to Avatar 3, 4, and 5. Avatar 3 will be released on December 20, 2024, but who knows when Disney and 20th Century will start marketing it? It'll also be interesting to see if this movie will do as well as Avatar: The Way of[...]
Avatar: James Cameron Says Fox Tried To Cut The Flying Scenes
Avatar: The Way of Water has become a celebrated continuation of James Cameron's Avatar brainchild from more than a decade ago, leaving fans with high hopes for the next (already confirmed) continuation of the big-budget franchise through Avatar 3, and Avatar 4 at the very least After all, Cameron doesn't tend to create something this[...]
Avatar, M3gan Power Big MLK Weekend Box Office
All Rights Reserved. What We Know About Avatar 3 (So Far) The third entry of Avatar still remains largely under wraps (despite having filmed a majority of its runtime), however, filmmaker James Cameron himself recently suggested a few specific factions of Na'vi could appear in the third entry, explaining, "Not only did we have to do creature[...]
Avatar, M3gan Power Big MLK Weekend Box Office
All Rights Reserved. Now, as the franchise continues to take in money and inevitably prepare for the next story (which has already been filmed), there's a little more information teasing the future state of Avatar and Pandora. Avatar 3 Is Going to Include a Plethora of Cultural Changes During a conversation between Deadline, writer and director James Cameron[...]
Avatar: The Way Of Water: Final Trailer Drops Tonight, Tickets On Sale
I'm sure that we'll have a discussion soon with with the top folks at Disney about the game plan going forward for Avatar 3, which is already in the can – we've already captured and photographed the whole film so we're in extended post-production, to do all that CG magic And then Avatar 4 and 5 are both[...]
Avatar 3 will open December 17th, 2021, Avatar 4 is set of December 20th, 2024, and Avatar 5 will open December 19th, 2025. The James Cameron Avatar movies are happening one way or another It doesn't seem like anyone really asked for them, but here we are Filming has started on the second movie, and 20th[...]