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Batman Inc Happened Again - Even If Ghost-Maker Didn't (Batman #104)
And that, presumably, all the other Batmen are still out there and are just waiting to be triggered… Incorporating Batman Incorporated Into Batman #104 Unless Ghost-Maker got to them all first of course And Stephanie and Cassandra are both back in the bat… BATMAN #104 DC COMICS OCT207057 Ghost-Maker is living up to his spectral name as Batman scours Gotham City[...]
Stephanie and Cassandra Join Barbara as Batgirls in Batman #104
But suggesting that even then, where they are referred to as Orphan and Spoiler in the descriptions, they are both known by a collective noun. Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain are The Batgirls for Future State In today's Batman #104 by James Tynion IV, Ryan Benjamin, Danny Miki, Bengal, Guillem March, David Baron, Clayton Cowles, Dave Wielgosz[...]