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An Affordable Piece of MLJ History: Suzie #51 at ComicConnect!

An Affordable Piece of MLJ History: Suzie #51 at ComicConnect

Katy Keene can be found as a backup in many of Suzie's comics, making this an excellent series for fans of good girl art, teen humor, and new Katy Keene fans looking to dive into the Bill Woggon world of the pinup queen.[caption id="attachment_1210005" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The copy of Suzie Comics #51 up for auction[...]

Welcome to "Riverdale", Katy Keene! [PREVIEW]

This is pretty big news, as the Bill Woggon creation almost never crossed paths with the Bob Montana Archie Universe As a life-long Archie Comics fan -- especially Katy Keene -- this is a big deal for me This is the crossover event of my life, and it looks like show runner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is[...]

"Katy Keene": The CW's New Posters & Character Profile Images Are Too Dreamy!

Are you ready for The CW's Riverdale spinoff Katy Keene? Starting February 6th, viewers will finally get to see the world of the one and only fashion queen. And if the following poster and key artis any indication, this series will be seriously stylish and beautiful. This brand new Riverdale spinoff stars Lucy Hale are […]

Will Katy Keene entice long time readers to watch the show?

Can The CW's "Katy Keene" Entice Long-Time Readers to Watch The Show? [TRAILER]

At long last, we have the full trailer for The CW's Katy Keene — the fashion queen. Well, almost fashion queen. The quintessential pinup from Archie Comics's golden age has risen once again from the ashes. But will this new trailer convince long time fans? This trailer opens with Katy and her mom admiring a […]

Floyd Norman

Floyd Norman: The First African American Animator at Disney

Bill Woggon took Norman in as an assistant, where he inked the popular Katy Keene comics for Archie Comics But ultimately his goal was to work for Disney Studios. Disney had always been a big part of his life, in fact, according to Norman: “I first recognized Walt Disney’s signature before I could read[...]