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American Comic Stores Begin to Receive Hardship Grants From BINC

Received a not-insignificant amount from BINC today! This will help pay for some outstanding bills at the shop If your store has been shut down, submit the paperwork It was quick and easy — Ryan Higgins (@RyanHigginsRyan) May 15, 2020The shops just got money from @BincFoundation Extremely thankful for the organization and their hard work[...]


Binc Explains Why Comicbook United Fund is USA-Only

This combines the $100,000 pledged last year to BINC from the Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group, with the $250,000 pledged earlier this month by DC, and the money raised by #Creators4Comics and Jim Lee's 60 sketch eBay auctions Comicbook United Fund is intended to be the central location for any and all figures and organizations hoping[...]


CGC Donates $10,000 to BINC to Help Comic Shops

Over the past week, the Book Industry Charitable Foundation, or BINC, has become the charity that the comic book industry has rallied around to help comic book stores in need The recent #Creators4Comics campaign has raised a substantial amount of money, after DC Comics Co-Publisher and CCO Jim Lee started auctioning off sketches in order[...]

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Jim Lee Sandman to Frank Miller Batman, #Creators4Comics Continues

All this and so much more below.The hashtag spotlights individual comic book creators, Jim Lee or otherwise, auctioning off items or experiences on Twitter to benefit BINC's fund to benefit comic stores in trouble Bleeding Cool has already posted a number of pieces looking at what has been offered up so far but there are[...]


How Comic Stores Can Apply For #Creators4Comics BINC Funding

In recent days, the Book Industry Charitatable Foundation, or BINC, has become the favoured comic book industry charity to help beleaguered comic book stores in distress #Creators4Comics is the latest fundraiser that just this morning alone is raising hundreds of thousands of dollars But as a relatively new charitable operation regarding the comic book industry,[...]

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Jim Lee Instagram Art To Be Published to Support Comic Book Stores

The aim is to draw 60 sketches with DC figures and raise money for comic book stores in need via the action group BINC A couple of day ago, rival publisher Ross Richie of Boom Studios has an idea He posted to Jim Lee's Instagram, saying "I hope you’re scanning these to release as a[...]

Jim Lee's DC Comics Sketches for BINC

DC Comics Donates $250,000 to Support Comic Book Shops In Need

Right now, BINC has its work cut out for it, during the current situation At this time, DC Comics has decided to donate a quarter of a million dollars to the foundation The money has been earmarked to provide support for comic book retailers and their employees during this time of hardship and beyond It[...]