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The Medium Game Soundtrack to Get Limited Edition Vinyl Release
Black Screen Records and game studio Bloober Team have teamed up to release the soundtrack to Bloober Team's latest third-person psychological horror game The Medium – that features patented dual-reality gameplay and an original soundtrack co-composed by Arkadiusz Reikowski and Akira Yamaoka – on limited edition double vinyl and as a double CD set this October. The soundtrack will be available on audiophile 180g[...]
Black Screen Records To Release VA-11 HALL-A  Vinyl Soundtrack Boxset
Black Screen Records announced today they will be releasing a special five vinyl pressing of the VA-11 HALL-A soundtrack Sukeban Games has partnered with them to release the VA-11 HALL-A: Complete Sound Collection, which has pretty much every song made for the game to give you over three hours of music The full soundtrack was[...]
The Coffee Talk Soundtrack Is Being Released On Vinyl
Black Screen Records and Toge Productions revealed today that the Coffee Talk soundtrack will be coming to vinyl One of the unsung characters of the game is the music in the background as you're having your chats over a cup of brew, and now you can take that music home and throw it on a[...]
Undertale Is Getting An Official Vinyl Soundtrack Set
Black Screen Records revealed a very colorful vinyl soundtrack this week as we're getting an official release for Undertale The game has earned one hell of a cult following over the years, and one of the unsung heroes to the game is the beautiful soundtrack that both feels like a throwback to SNES titles while[...]
Black Screen Records Announces Super Mario 64 Arrangement Album
celebration plans happening all around, and Black Screen Records has one for Super Mario 64 The company will be releasing Hang On To Your Hat, the debut album of the Video Game Jazz Orchestra, in which they will be playing big band arrangements of music from Super Mario 64 As you can see from the[...]
Black Screen Records Reveals Othercide & Risk Of Rain 2 Vinyls
Black Screen Records revealed two new vinyl video game soundtrack releases this week with Othercide and Risk Of Rain 2 Both of these are presented in awesome 180g vinyl as you're getting the complete soundtrack for both Othercide is going for €30 to be released in September, while Risk Of Rain 2 with extra records[...]
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Black Screen Records revealed today that the soundtrack to Yuppie Psycho would be getting the vinyl treatment with a double-LP on the way The game was released last year by Another Indie and had an amazing soundtrack to it from Michael "Garoad" Kelly Kelly was also responsible for the VA-11 HALL-A soundtrack, which made him[...]
Reliving The Haunting Melodies Of 'Dear Esther' On Vinyl
One of the hallmarks of the first game was the soundtrack, which set an eerie mood for the things to come as you made your way through beautiful landscapes and dark caves. As we patiently await the company to create the Landmark Edition out sometime this year, we now get the soundtrack on Black Screen Records,[...]
Falling Through The Chords Of The 'Hue' Soundtrack By Alkis Livathinos
Black Screen Records recently put out a vinyl copy of it, which we got a copy of and will be reviewing for you today First off, let's talk about this cover, with a lovely illustration and cut-out pieces on the front that gives it an extra artistic touch Inside, as you'll see below, each sleeve[...]
Traveling Through The 'Elka Village' With LudoWic
We recently received a few video game soundtracks from Black Screen Records for review, and included in their shipment was the latest from LudoWic titled Elka Village It may not be a gaming soundtrack, but it's electronica from a guy creating music for soundtracks, and we're not passing up a chance to check out new music. Touching[...]