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The Suicide Squad Bloodsport Comes to Life with Prime 1 Studio 
The show has to be either Ratcatcher II or Bloodsport, and with a big actor like Idris Elba, I feel like Bloodsport might just be in the cards. Speaking of Bloodsport, Prime 1 Studio has revealed a brand new The Suicide Squad Premium Masterline Statue featuring the one and only mercenary This 1/3 scale statue stands[...]
Bloodsport Soundtrack Now Available From Waxwork Records
Bloodsport is one of those 80's movies that you forget about sometimes, and then when you remember it was a thing, you yell at the top of your lungs and throw some karate kicks One of the best parts of the film is the synth-heavy score from Paul Hertzog Every part of it is so[...]
7 New High Quality Images from The Suicide Squad
When asked about the rumors for a potential for a Bloodsport film in the works, Gunn responded to quickly address the topic, writing, "There is a possibility of seeing more Bloodsport in the near future – something I'd love to see! – but there is nothing currently in development So this story is false." Copyright: ©[...]
Superman #4 (DC, 1987), intro of Bloodsport.
Almost 35 years before he became a starring character of The Suicide Squad played by Idris Elba, Bloodsport was a character who appeared early on in John Byrne's relaunch of the Superman regular series, itself a follow-up to Byrne's The Man of Steel limited series which had told the story of Superman's rebooted origin in[...]
The Suicide Squad: A New Poster, 2 Clips, and 4 HQ Images
But even when Bloodsport is in his most saving-the-day, crowds of innocent people get slaughtered It's not a good look for anyone. But at least with the Suicide Squad, the oppressive government, and the revolutionary terrorists, it's easier to tell with their blazing guns and polka dots ripping through each other It's harder to initially get[...]
Suicide Squad Bloodsport and Peacemaker Deploy From McFarlane Toys
This time we are looking at two hot shots from this new team with Bloodsport and Peacemaker Due to the new instructions, DC Comics collectibles do not include guns so these figures do feel that pain but there are plenty of McFarlane Toys figures that can help with that Both Peacemaker and Bloodsport are loaded[...]
The Suicide Squad: 3 New Images and 1 New Behind-The-Scenes Image
As we wind closer to the release to the much-anticipated DCEU entry from James Gunn with The Suicide Squad, the director took to Instagram to show off a still featuring four of his stars featuring the Ratcatcher 2 (Daniela Melchior), The Thinker (Peter Capaldi), Bloodsport (Idris Elba), and Polka Dot Man (David Dashmalchian) "Squad Undercover[...]
Jean-Claude Van Damme Receives 1:3 Scale Autographed PCS Statue
PCS Collectibles is capturing the deadly power of the film Bloodsport with their new Jean-Claude Van Damme statue Standing 22.5" tall, this hyper realistic statue shows off the definition, athleticism, and power of the action star He is featured in his Bloodsport outfit as he poses on a braze-painted dragon themed base Jean-Claude fans will[...]
Bloodsport, Can't Hardly Wait, Mortal Kombat, Killer Klowns Form Outer Space, all four Lethal Weapon films, Taxi Driver, all three Matrix films, and The Social Network are among the offerings Originals include the Chris Hemsworth action thriller Extraction On the TV side, the big release will be the forth season of The Last Kingdom, as[...]
supergirl season 3
We then see her in action, stopping Bloodsport from killing Alex and Maggie, even though he got away They are able to identify who Bloodsport is by the blood he leaves on Kara's hand. Everyone has noticed that Kara is distancing herself from her friends and family They want to give her time to grieve the[...]
supergirl season 3
In the video, Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) declares that National City is her town, and we are introduced to another Superman villain: Robert DuBois, AKA Bloodsport He first appeared in Superman Vol 2 #4 and was created by John Byrne and Karl Kesel. This is one of three people to go by the name Bloodsport In the[...]