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Now, we're getting an update from none other than Brenton Thwaites, who posted a "Titans selfie" featuring himself, Jay Lycurgo, Joshua Orpin, Ryan K Potter, Teagan Croft, and Anna Diop, as well as director Nick Copus (Animal Kingdom, Bel-Air) And for anyone interested in a "spoiler"? Thwaites confirms that the first episode kicks off with[...]
Not having to deal with waiting around for renewal news, Brenton Thwaites (Nightwing aka Dick Grayson) spoke with EW about his hopes for the fourth season (which he readily admits he knows nothing about: "Not a single idea, mate") Here's a look at the highlights (and consider this a SPOILER warning): Image: HBO Max Bringing More Characters[...]
Taking to Instagram, Mojsovski shared looks at Lewis, Connor Leslie, Brenton Thwaites, and others behind the scenes under the banner "Superheros behind the scenes." If nothing else, we have a newfound appreciation for scenes filmed inside of cars and other vehicles because that looks seriously claustrophobic. Image: Screencap Here's a look at Mojsovski's post from earlier today,[...]
This time around, Brenton Thwaites aka Dick Grayson aka Nightwing is checking in to show Titans fans how workout and training happen in Canada during those… let's just say, "less than warm and cozy months." Titans (Image: Screencap) "Titans fans If you've ever wondered how I train during the winter months in Canada Here it is[...]
We understand how Titans star Brenton Thwaites might be feeling as far as Dick Grayson aka Nightwing goes, what with all of the changes going on with the live-action series as it heads into its third season First, the series itself moves to HBO Max as the on-screen action shifts to Gotham Curran Walters' Jason[...]
(Image: WarnerMedia) Titans stars Brenton Thwaites (Richard "Dick" Grayson / Nightwing), Anna Diop (Koriand'r / Kory Anders / Starfire), Teagan Croft (Rachel Roth / Raven), Ryan Potter (Garfield "Gar" Logan / Beast Boy), Minka Kelly (Dawn Granger / Dove), Alan Ritchson (Hank Hall / Hawk), Curran Walters (Jason Todd / Red Hood), Conor Leslie (Donna Troy / Wonder Girl), Joshua Orpin (Conner aka Superboy), Savannah Welch (Gotham[...]
Titans -- Ep. 213 -- "Nightwing" -- Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.
So we're checking back in with director of photography and cinematographer Boris Mojsovski (Season 2, Episode 9 "Atonement" director) once again to see how things are going along (kinda hope we get to meet him someday), and this time it looks like he and series star Brenton Thwaites (Dick Grayson aka Nightwing) are making a bold[...]
Titans is back into production on the third season (Image: WarnerMedia)
Along the way, we've gotten a glimpse of Walters in action, as well as fellow cast member Alan Ritchson (Hank Hall aka Hawk) and director Millicent Shelton. Titans is back into production on the third season (Image: WarnerMedia) This time around, Mojsovski is sharing set greetings with none other than Brenton Thwaites (Dick Grayson aka Nightwing) by[...]
Brenton Thwaites Talks Ghosts of War and the Horror Genre (Interview)
The psychological, wartime horror film hybrid titled Ghosts of War has just been released, starring Brenton Thwaites leading four other American soldiers who are sent to hold a French chateau from Nazi soldiers approaching the end of WWII The film is helmed by The Butterfly Effect writer and director Eric Bress, making this his sophomore[...]
Check Out The Trailer For New World War 2 Film Ghosts Of War
The film stars Brenton Thwaites, Alan Ritchson, Skylar Astin, Theo Rossi, Kyle Gallner, Billy Zane, and Shaun Toub, and is written and directed by Eric Bress The film has some pretty nice visuals in the trailer and looks way better than I thought it would when I opened it Check out the trailer, synopsis, and poster[...]
'Titans' Season 2: Minka Kelly Catches Alan Ritchson Behind the Scenes [VIDEO]
While looking for answers, he crashes into the world of the Titans where he finds an unlikely home and surrogate family as well as revelations that carry more complications than he ever bargained for. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Titans 1×11 Ending – SUPERBOY AND KRYPTO!!!! ( DC Universe's Titans stars Brenton Thwaites (Richard "Dick" Grayson / Robin), Anna[...]
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While looking for answers, he crashes into the world of the Titans where he finds an unlikely home and surrogate family as well as revelations that carry more complications than he ever bargained for. DC Universe's Titans stars Brenton Thwaites (Richard "Dick" Grayson / Robin), Anna Diop (Koriand'r / Kory Anders / Starfire), Teagan Croft (Rachel Roth / Raven), Ryan Potter (Garfield "Gar" Logan[...]
'Titans': DC Daily Offers Best Look Yet at Robin's Suit, Amazing Details
Because the internet is the place where spoilers go to thrive, Redditor -vibgyor- posted a pair of close up photos of Brenton Thwaites' (Dick Grayson) Robin suit from the DC Universe series Titans. The photos provide us with our best look at all of the amazing attention to detail and hard work that went into creating[...]
Titans Star Says Batman is a Killer, Keeping Show True to Zack Snyder's Vision
It's not a Snyder Cut announcement per se, but at least one upcoming DC property isn't trying to distance itself from the vision of legendary director Zack Snyder, who was blamed for the failure of the DCEU after traitorous alleged fake feminist Joss Whedon replaced all the cool scenes of Superman being a badass with scenes[...]
Yesterday we got the awesome release of the first image from the upcoming Titans series showing Brenton Thwaites (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales) as Dick Grayson suited up as Robin The new series will be appearing some time in 2018 on DC's untitled new streaming service and come from from Weed Road Pictures[...]
RIP, Oscar. The Internet Asks: Does Brenton Thwaites Have The Butt To Be Nightwing? I'm going to keep this commentary a little brief, because if I don't, I'll end up writing for hours In fact, you know what? Let me see if you can figure out what it is about the righteous hypocrisy of this that I'm[...]
The role went to Brenton Thwaites, who recently starred in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales And aside from being the first Robin, there is another thing that Dick Grayson in the comics is known for that Bleeding Cool has covered extensively: he has a nice butt. So what was the Google search[...]
Brenton Thwaites
Brenton Thwaites from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will be playing the lead role of Dick Grayson when the series premieres in 2018 as part of the new DC-branded digital streaming service. Thwaites joins Anna Diop as Starfire and Teagan Croft as Raven The series follows a group of young soon-to-be superheroes recruited[...]
It's not like someone saw Knightly buying Pirates comics, after all. Dead Men Tell No Tales, starring Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Javier Bardem, Kaya Scodelario, Geoffrey Rush, Kevin McNally, and Brenton Thwaites and directed by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg, is in theaters on May 26, 2017. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Teaser Trailer:[...]
Featurette For The Giver Puts The Black And White Back In
The bulk of this featurette is Lowry herself talking about what led her to write the book, and focuses on a long scene between Bridges' Giver and Brenton Thwaites as the Receiver, the new person in their seemingly utopian society chosen to bear all the memories of humanity at its worst And that, too, looks[...]
One Too Many Cracks in This Mirror: A Review of Oculus
The film opens with the release of her brother, Tim — portrayed by Australian newcomer Brenton Thwaites (who will have his big budget debut later this year in Angelina Jolie's Malficent)—as he is released from a mental institution to a waiting Kaylie. Ten years ago, the siblings witnessed the death of their parents (a tragically wasted[...]
New Maleficent Trailer With Tons Of New Footage Of Angelina Jolie's Disney Villain
You get a much better look at Angelina Jolie's crazy getup as Maleficent – especially in motion – as well as Elle Fanning as Prince Aurora, Sharlto Copley's King Stephan and even Brenton Thwaites as Prince Philip [youtube][/youtube] Maleficent will be released on May 30th in the UK and US (and actually a couple days earlier[...]