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Friday The 13th Show Crystal Lake Retooling Behind The Scenes
After a report earlier this week that there was trouble behind the scenes of the A24/Peacock prequel series Crystal Lake that has been gestating for some time, we now know what is happening, and it backs up what our friends at Bloody Disgusting found out: Bryan Fuller is out The show still seems alive, just[...]
Friday The 13th Show Crystal Lake Retooling Behind The Scenes
Stay tuned." One is willing to bet that the "retooling" in question has to do with producer Bryan Fuller, who has found himself embroiled in allegations stemming from the production of AMC series Queer For Fear So, with all of that going on, you bet they are retooling Now, does that mean that the series is going[...]
Hannibal: An Artform On The Small Screen
We can't wait 20 years, but in the next couple of years, if somebody finds a home, I think we are all ready to take it up again," Mikkelsen added. Mads Mikkelsen on if he'd bring back his 'Hannibal' character, Hannibal Lecter — Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) June 15, 2023 Hannibal: Bryan Fuller on THAT Kiss & Any[...]
crystal lake
When horror fans learned last year that Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) and A24 were teaming up for a prequel series titled Crystal Lake, they were cautiously optimistic – and understandably so With the litigation nightmare that the IP has been in for years, they assumed the series would feature Pamela Voorhees (Betsy Palmer in the original[...]
Wanna Spend a Weekend at Camp Crystal Lake? You Can This August
Bryan Fuller will show run, and the series can apparently use any and everything from the franchise Keeping with the times, it will, of course, be a prequel to the first film Last night, at a screening of Friday The 13th Part 3, a bunch of nuggets on the show were dropped by Fuller, including[...]
friday the 13th
Fans of the "Friday the 13th" franchise received a surprising Halloween treat on Monday with the news that Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) and A24 were teaming up for a prequel series titled Crystal Lake Most assumed that the series would feature Pamela Voorhees (Betsy Palmer in the original film), Jason's mother & the killer in the[...]
friday the 13th
Well, it appears we're going to learn a lot more about her backstory, or maybe the backstory on the campsite itself, with Peacock teaming with A24 and writer, showrunner & executive producer Bryan Fuller for the expanded prequel series Crystal Lake Though details on the project are being kept under wraps, Fuller made it clear[...]
Queer For Fear: Shudder Docuseries Key Art Mixing Carrie & Drag
photographed by Tayo Kuku Jr. From executive producer Bryan Fuller (Hannibal), Queer for Fear is a four-part documentary series about the history of the LGBTQ+ community in the horror and thriller genres From its literary origins with queer authors Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, and Oscar Wilde to the pansy craze of the 1920s that influenced Universal[...]
Queer For Fear: Shudder Docuseries Key Art Mixing Carrie & Drag
From executive producers Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, Pushing Daisies) and Steak House (Launchpad, The Mustang), Queer for Fear, a Shudder original documentary series, will debut in Fall 2022 on Shudder and via the Shudder offering within the AMC+ bundle The key art features Alaska Thunderfuck (Drag Artist, Winner of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2) photographed[...]
So the story of Bryan Fuller's Hannibal and "The Kiss That Almost Was" began back in April 2021 During an interview with Vulture about his on-screen career, Mads Mikkelsen was asked about his turn as Dr Hannibal Lecter in Bryan Fuller's take on author Thomas Harris' world Of course, the topic turned to that moment in[...]
Queer For Fear: Bryan Fuller Producing Shudder Limited Series
Shudder will be premiering a limited series, Queer For Fear, later this year with the help of Hannibal co-creator Bryan Fuller Listen, friends, we may not be getting the imagined and written about (if you know, you know) season from Fuller giving us more of those Hannibal and Will moments but we'll be ok. Source: Shudder/Twitter There's a long and[...]
Hannibal: Why Bryan Fuller's TV Series Is Your Perfect Halloween Treat
Bryan Fuller's Hannibal television series is notable for so many reasons It foresaw our increasing fascination as a society with true crime and serial murders The show feels massively ahead of its time and now almost a decade later feels like we've finally caught up with it, making it feel as fresh now as ever[...]
With the first teaser having now been unleashed upon the world with the knowledge that the demonic doll will begin stalking USA Network and SYFY screens starting October 12, "Child's Play" franchise mastermind Don Mancini is opening up about how Bryan Fuller's Hannibal helped bring the Chucky series to life Mancini served as a writer/producer[...]
Christine Remake Coming From Sony/Blumhouse W/ Bryan Fuller Directing
Sony and Blumhouse will produce a remake of Stephen King's possessed car novel written and directed by Bryan Fuller Jason Blum is producing for Blumhouse, and Vincenzo Natali and Steven Hoban are also producing The original 1983 film version is a classic and was directed by John Carpenter Christine is about "a shy teen who[...]
Hannibal: An Artform On The Small Screen
Hannibal Lecter in Bryan Fuller's take on author Thomas Harris' world (NBC's Hannibal) One area that was broached was that moment in the third season finale with Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) that had Fannibals either hoping for or convinced a kiss was going to happen between the two While Mikkelsen explained that the moment was definitely[...]
Hannibal: An Artform On The Small Screen
Okay, let's start this off by saying that what you're about to read has nothing to do with a possible fourth season of Bryan Fuller's Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy-starring Hannibal that would find Lecter being elected to Congress (though that would be damn interesting- imagine Lecter having a few January 6th rioters for lunch?)[...]
Hannibal: An Artform On The Small Screen
Hannibal Lecter in Bryan Fuller's take on author Thomas Harris' world (NBC's Hannibal) could probably end up being the one role Mikkelsen will be asked about for the rest on his time left on this mortal coil And even though the series ended with its third season in 2015, the series still has as dedicated[...]
Hannibal: An Artform On The Small Screen
The last time we checked in on any potential rumblings in the on-again/off-again world of Bryan Fuller's (Star Trek: Discovery, American Gods) series take on Thomas Harris' "Red Dragon" universe, Fuller discussed other actors who the network wanted for the lead in Hannibal, how he had future seasons in mind even as production was continuing[...]
Hannibal: An Artform On The Small Screen
Wherever along the pop-culture spectrum your views on Bryan Fuller's (Star Trek: Discovery, American Gods) series take on Thomas Harris' "Red Dragon" universe lies, no one can question that it was unlike anything else on television during its three-season run That's never been more evident than in the millions of Hannibal fans around the world[...]
From the visual genius of Jaro Dick who held the majority weight of set design to the eerie and mood shifting musical composition by Brian Reitzell, the individuals involved in this Bryan Fuller project show how well they've worked together Hannibal becomes nothing without the addition of a stellar cast, from Hugh Dancy as Will Graham[...]
A scene from Hannibal (Image: NBCUniversal)
In mid-July, Nerdist House hosted a livestream of "Hannibal: A Delicious Reunion," bringing together series creator Bryan Fuller, cast members Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, Gillian Anderson, Caroline Dhavernas, Katie Isabelle, Raúl Esparza, Hettiene Park, Kacey Rohl, Scott Thompson, Aaron Abrams, and more for a look back at the popular take on Thomas Harris' "The Silence[...]
A look at the Shudder panel at Comic-Con@Home (Image: Shudder)
"It's this box that we have of queer actors, queer people, queer creators can only create queer art and that's something that I think is worth breaking down because there's so much more to it than that." Hannibal creator and showrunner Bryan Fuller talks about how he started writing Will Graham and Hannibal Lector as straight[...]
Duncan Jones Asked Twitter About 'Logans Run' Remake, and We're Here For it
Hell, they're already buying plasma from college kids! — Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) January 20, 2019 But, our favorite responses came from God of War (2018 game title) director Cory Barlog and Bryan Fuller: So, yes, please do as Bryan Fuller says Duncan, and GET IT, GURL. We've been saying for YEARS that Logan's Run would be the perfect 70's science fiction[...]
American Gods Showrunner Jesse Alexander Asked to Stop Working on Season 2
Insiders say that Alexander was also seen as someone the studio could have a stronger level of influence over than they could with Bryan Fuller and Michael Green. ● If Gaiman was involved in or was notified of the decision to remove Alexander is still unclear, though sources in the report doubt Fremantle would have made[...]
Hulu Sinks Fangs into Anne Rice's 'Vampire Chronicles' TV Series
Hulu announced today that they will be sinking their fangs into the television series based on the works by Anne Rice.  Also, the confirmation that the series will be about the chronicles, and not just the Brat Prince Lestat. Long rumored to be in development as a relaunch of the film Interview with the Vampire, the series was[...]