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Marvel Cancels Avengers #750 Sketchbook, Replaces With Calendar
Instead, this will now be made available free, digitally. Avengers #750 SketchbookInstead, retailers will be getting the regular Marvel 2022 Calendar in print, with bundles of 25 coming to stores, and can also order additional bundles for a small fee The Marvel 2022 Calendar will appear in comic book stores for the 22nd of December 2021[...]
Rick and Morty and Adult Swim are kicking off the "12 Days of Rickmas" starting December 1 (Image: Adult Swim)
Let's get some of the formalities out of the way first, beginning with welcoming all of you to the fourth day of Rick and Morty and Adult Swim's "The 12 Days of Rickmas," your virtual advent calendar where instead of semi-decent chocolate you get a chance to walk away with cool Rick and Morty swag[...]
Marvel 2021 Preview Calendar Coming To Comic Stores In December
The Marvel Promotional Calendars have been known to give away all sorts of interesting info. The 2018 Calendar featured Conan, ahead of the announcement they were getting the license back And that the Fantastic Four were to return. The 2016 Calendar also showed us how serious Marvel was about not promoting the X-Men. And now, from having no mention of[...]
Marvel Comics 2020 Calendars Giveaways to Promote "Incoming"
And can order two copies of the Premiere Variant. Stores will also receive 25 copies of the Marvel 2020 Calendar to giveaway, additional bundles can be bought The Calendars have a history of giving away a little bit of info The 2018 Calendar featured Conan, ahead of the announcement they were getting the license back[...]
Let's Celebrate The Marvel New Year Like It's 1981
Which gives you a great opportunity to pull out your 1981 Marvel Calendar from its bag and board and put it back into service. And January starts off with a family who wouldn't start the Marvel year these days… Check Andertoons who has been scanning them all in… The year 2015 matches day and date with 1981[...]
All-New Marvel For September?
I get the feeling that this came up at the Writers Retreat. The Diamond Comic Distributor retailer calendar just hit comic book stores, mapping out the year ahead Plenty to be expected… But in September, we have All-New Marvel A similar line appeared on the Secret Wars trailer… For the last few years, DC Comics has owned[...]
Calendar Man Says: "It's 1975!"
According to Mark Anderson and seen elsewhere, the calendar is on a 28 year cycle where the exact same start day appears at least 3 time Repeating in 6 years, then 11 years and another 11 years Why is this? I'm sure there is a very good math explanation which you can read here. But why isn't the point[...]
The All Now Marvel New Calendar
At Bleeding Cool, we love typos. We embrace them, we worship them, we cherish them. So we are especially pleased when publishers like Marvel join in the