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"Children Of Morta" Receives An Extensive 2020 Content Roadmap
11 Bit Studios and Dead Mage announced this week they will be releasing the brand new co-op mode into Children Of Morta For the longest time players have been asking for this fun little upgrade ever since it was suggested that it might be happening, as it would finally give you a little bit of[...]
Children Of Morta Receives The New Family Trails Update
11 Bit Studios has released a new free update to Children Of Morta as players can now experience the new Family Trials We got the full rundown for you below, but the short version is that there's a brand new dungeon for you to go through that will put every member of the clan to[...]
Children Of Morta Adds A New Playable Character
For those of you who have been enjoying Children Of Morta, you're going to be getting a new playable character to spice things up 11 Bit Studios and Dead Mage revealed this week the addition of Apan – a seventh playable character joining the party You can read more about the character below and check[...]
Children of Morta - Setting Sun Inn Main Art
11 Bit Studios revealed today that the second free content update for Children Of Morta has been sent out to the game There a few things to unpack from this one, starting with the addition of New Game+ This New Game+ mode encourages players to follow the Bergson's journey again, this time with an increase[...]
"Children Of Morta" Receives Its First Free Content Update
11 Bit Studios have released a brand new update for Children Of Morta, as the game gets a chunk of free content called the Shrine Of Challenge The new update includes a fresh Hard Mode, new enemies, 18 new items added to the mix, a new UI with a larger HUD option, and balanced tweaks[...]
"Children Of Morta" Receives An Extensive 2020 Content Roadmap
11 Bit Studios released new information today for Children Of Morta, outlining an extensive content roadmap for most of 2020 You can see the map below as the game will be getting seven new challenges added to it, as well as a random encounter By the looks of it, these are going to be spread[...]
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"Children of Morta" Reveals Gorgeous Box Art and Price Tag
Dead Mage and 11 bit studios have announced the price for their highly anticipated roguelike RPG Children of Morta today The game is still missing a concrete launch date, but it will release of Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC later this summer The game will retail for $21.99 USD / €21.99 EUR. However,[...]
Children of Morta will Now Release in Summer of 2019
credit//11 Bit Studios 11 bit studios announced at GDC that their upcoming RPG Children of Morta, will now launch on all platforms simultaneously this summer The game was initially supposed to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One late last year, but the release was pushed back to make way for the Nintendo Switch version. As the[...]
Adventure is Family as We Played Children of Morta at PAX West
If you have a strong sense of family and love adventure, then you might enjoy Children of Morta from 11 Bit Studios which we tried out at PAX West The Dead Mage developed game centers around a family of adventurers, specifically around two children (at least in our demo) who take portals and head off[...]
Children of Morta Gameplay from PSX
Credit// 11 bit studios Dead Mage and 11 bit studios showed off some more gameplay for the PS4 port of Children of Morta at PSX Children of Morta is a pretty classic hack and slash game and the new gameplay video does nothing but prove it. In Children of Morta, you play as a member of the Bergson[...]