BCTV Daily Dispatch 26 May 2021: Always Sunny 15, Powerpuff & More

We're the king of television, there is none higher. Sucker, MCs should call us… the BCTV Daily Dispatch! If you're new then here's the deal: every day, we look back at what's catching everyone's attention across the television, cable, and streaming side of the pop culture landscape in the past 24 hours. Today, we have some new additions with Black Lightning teasing a "flashy" future, a toothless edition of WWE Raw, a Lucifer chair dance party, Shogun casting, more details on the Powerpuff pilot, John Cena pro-China, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia kicking off Season 15 in an officially unofficial way. But since some days can be a ton more hellish than others when it comes to news, reviews, and previews, we've also hand-picked a selection of articles that are more than worth your time. Finally, we jump into our TARDIS for a trip back in TV history and then wrap things up with today's "Random Thought"- where we're slowly realizing that it's Dick Wolf's world and we're just "dun-DUN-ing" in it.

always sunny
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Image: FX Networks)

So here's a look at BCTV's 10/24 Rundown:

10. Is Black Lightning Headed For A "Flashy" Future? Talking Crossovers

9. WWE Raw: Three Hours to Lose, Nothing to Gain

8. Lucifer: Aint' No Party Like An Ella-Amenadiel Chair Dance Party!

7. Shogun: FX Limited Series Taps Hiroyuki Sanada & Cosmo Jarvis As Leads

6. The CW's Mark Pedowitz Ponders Powerpuff Pilot Pass: "Was Just A Miss"

5. John Cena Puts Over China, Apologizes for Calling Taiwan a Country

4. Dark Side of the Ring Season 3: Warrior's Ex-Wife On Things Changing

3. Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane Announcing TV Deals in a Couple of Weeks

2. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Trio Signal Season 15 First Day Back

1. The Umbrella Academy Star Elliot Page Styling, Profiling & Smiling

And here are a few more articles to add to your reading lists- ranging from Fear the Walking Dead, The Orville, David Ramsey, Naomi, and a "Flash" crossover to Dexter intel, Game of Thrones prequel news, The Boys, and The Masked Singer Season 5 finale,

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Preview: Is This Strand's Last Stand?

The Orville Season 3 Producer Shares Some NDA-Friendly "Space Things"

Superman & Lois: David Ramsey Talks John Diggle, THAT Green Box & More

Naomi: The CW 2021-2022 Trailer Offers Look at Ava DuVernay Series

Riverdale, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman Move; Flash Crossover Event?

Dexter Shows Us Who Jim Lindsay Is And Now It Makes Perfect Sense

Game of Thrones Prequel 10,000 Ships Adds Writer Amanda Segel: Report

The Boys Season 3: Read Between The Lines; Quaid's Hat Looks Familiar

The Masked Singer Season 5 Finale: Ken Jeong Speechless; Clues Updated

TODAY IN TELEVISION: Avengers Assemble (2013-2019), Living Lohan (2018), Denise Richards: It's Complicated (2008-2009), and The Little Couple (2009- present) all premiered on this day. I feel like there are at least 237 jokes that could be made out of that line-up- take your shot by leaving one in the comments section below.

RANDOM THOUGHT: You know it's only a matter of time until Dick Wolf owns primetime real estate every weekday night across the broadcast networks. And then? A massive 14-episode mega-crossover (The CW doesn't do 10 pm) on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and The CW.

And since you're here…

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