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Diablo IV Announces Open Beta Period Coming In March
Blizzard Entertainment has released a brand new live-action trailer for Diablo IV, as Oscar winner Chloe Zhao puts her own horror spin on the franchise The minute-long trailer showcases the game in a new light with an emphasis on the people who are caught in the middle of the battle between the demons coming to[...]
13 New High-Quality Images from Eternals Shows Off the Cast
Writer-director Chloe Zhao adapted Jack Kirby's take on the Erich von Daniken "ancient astronauts" theory of the 1970s The ideas and themes it deals with are a lot more complex and complicated than the usual Marvel movie. Marvel Studios' ETERNALS Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios © 2021 Marvel Studios All Rights Reserved. We have some thoughts about the[...]
Marvel Studios 'The Eternals' Begins Production This Summer
Remember when rumors were swirling last year about the possible cosmic direction Marvel Studios would be taking in phase 4, and the probable inclusion of The Eternals?  Well, after that whole thing got sorted out (confirmed by Kevin Feige no less), and a director (Chloe Zhao) was named for the project, it looks like we have a[...]