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ComicsPRO: Chris Bachalo Returns To DC For Knight Terrors
But today at ComicsPRO, DC Comics representatives announced Knight Terrors, by Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter, Guillem March, and more. Chris Bachalo will  also return to DC for the first time in over 20 years since the days of Death and will create a Knight Terrors story for DC Comics' Free Comic Book Day title now retitled[...]
The Comic Creators With Special Thanks In Netflix's Sandman, And Why
First, here are all the credits as listed for Special Thanks: Episode 1:  Paul Levitz, Joe Orlando, Jack Oleck, Nestor Redondo, Jack Sparling. Episode 2: Gardner F Fox, Bob Haney, Paul Levitz, Joe Orlando, Jack Oleck, Nestor Redondo, Jack Sparling, Alex Toth, Mike Sekowsky, Mark Hanerfeld, Bill Draut Episode 3:  Stephen Bissette, Mike Carey, Steve Dillon, Gardner F[...]
Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood #1 Review:
Credit: Marvel Comics Unsurprisingly, Jonathan Hickman and Chris Bachalo's story was the most interesting to write about What happens when the suns go out, and Ra is forgotten? Bachalo uses blank or negative space awfully liberally in the story, which left me to wonder whether that was deliberate or if someone missed a word balloon[...]
Jonathan Hickman & Chris Bachalo on Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood
This, likely isn't it, but it may well fill the gap. Jonathan Hickman & Chris Bachalo on Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood This April, Marvel Comics launches the four-issue anthology Moon Knight: Black, White, and Blood – delving into the dark side of the Fist of Khonshu, as well as his potential replacement.  Moon Knight: Black,[...]
Are Jonathan Hickman & Chris Bachalo Marvel's New Spider-Man Team?
But… did we already know who? Back in October, Bleeding Cool ran the story that Jonathan Hickman was working on a new book with Chris Bachalo We also pointed out that Hickman had worked with Bachalo once before, on The Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle anthology a couple of years ago, but that Hickman had used plenty of[...]
Jonathan Hickman Working With Chris Bachalo On A New Comic For Marvel
And one of them we know, as a result of the live design of a new 3W3M character by Mike Huddlestone, will be a new comic book with Chris Bachalo Hickman has worked with Bachalo previously on The Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle anthology a couple of years ago, and he used plenty of Bachalo's X-Men[...]
Marvel Comics To Follow Non-Stop Spider-Man With Savage Spider-Man
Non-Stop Spider-Man by Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo is fast-paced fast-moving comic book from Marvel that belied its title, by doing a lot of stopping Originally planned to be published in the summer of 2020, artist Chris Bachalo was hit by many delays, including the pandemic shutdown but getting a bad case of coronavirus and[...]
Non-Stop Spider-Man Die-Cut Cover - Has Another Cover?
Yesterday, Marvel Comics published Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 by Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo – ironically after a rather long delay, partially caused by Chris getting COVID-19 And it promised what it delivered, a constantly moving Crank of a storyline with Spider-Man in pursuit and being pursued… Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 by Chris Bachalo. …interrupted by the stillness of[...]
J Scott Campbell's Rogue/Psyclock Tops $15K For Hero Charity Auction
Scott Campbell/David Nakayama art featuring Rogue and Psylocke of the X-Men has just hit $15,100 after 42 bids. Hero Initiative Charity Auction While the Matt Wagner/Tim Sale Spider-Man/Green Goblin jam original art is doing pretty well at $3,839.89 after 39 bids. Hero Initiative Charity Auction There's a lot of love for the Mike McKone/Tom Raney Green Lantern/Sinestro watercolour pieces[...]
Original X-Men Art Auction, Chris Bachalo, Joe Madueira, Simone Bianchi
There's a lot of original comic book artwork being sold by Heritage Auctions this week, including a number of original X-Men pages from some big names in the Comics, Animation, Video Games & Art Weekly Online Auction #122105. Including original artwork from Chris Bachalo, Mark Buckingham, Joe Madureira, Brett Belvins, John Romita Jr, Simone Bianchi, Leinil[...]
Chris Bachalo's “Death of the Endless” Sandman Sketch Hits Auction
One of the most beloved works featuring The Endless is Death: The High Cost of Living, written by Gaiman and pencilled by Chris Bachalo, whose first-ever published work was on the title's parent series, The Sandman Bachalo brought Death, perhaps the most positive and chipper version of the reaper ever produced in fiction, to life with style in[...]
Coronavirus Spreading In The Comics Industry
But it is by no means exclusive to that grouping. And while most creators haven't been public about their illness, one artist, Chris Bachalo, has been. In November, Bachalo posted "Hello friends– Good afternoon– Sorry I've been out of touch the past few weeks Won the COVID lottery–lucky me! Almost back to full speed– getting better–" while[...]
Non-Stop Spider-Man Rescheduled For January, Marvel MIA List Updated
Previously planned to launch earlier in the year, before a certain shutdown occurred, the new Spider-Man series by Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo, Non-Stop Spider-Man, has been rescheduled by Marvel for January. "I get asked who my favorite character is to draw and I reply Spider-Man I get asked who my favorite writers are to work[...]
LATE: Deadpool #4 Slips From February to March 2020
Nevertheless that is what we have now, with Deadpool #4 by Kelly Thompson and Chris Bachalo, solicited for the 19th of February, slip sliding way to the 18th of March, four weeks away… and a reminded that 2020 is  leap year as well… let's have a reminder of what will be worth waiting for[...]
The Daily LITG, 23rd August 2019,
Willow Wilson Leaves Wonder Woman for Mystery Project as Steve Orlando Takes Over Marvel to Cancel Star Wars Comic in November With #75 – Will A Relaunch #1 Be Far, Far Away? Happening today… Wizard World Chicago– Chicago, Illinois until Sunday. ONYXCON, Southwest Arts Center, Atlanta, Georgia until Sunday. Colorado Springs Comic Con, Chapel Hills Mall, Colorado Springs, Colorado until[...]
Doctor Strange #6 Gets a Marvel Knights Variant by Chris Bachalo
Poor TBA can never catch a break! The superstar artist who is constantly being announced for Marvel books only to be replaced at the last minute has lost another two variant covers, originally solicited for Doctor Strange #6 in Marvel's August solicitations. DOCTOR STRANGE #6 MARK WAID (W) • JAVIER PINA (A) Cover by KEVIN NOWLAN Marvel Battle Lines[...]
'Death' Artist Chris Bachalo Draws Sandman for Marvel in August
Artist Chris Bachalo, who worked with Neil Gaiman on the mini-series Death: The High Cost of Living and Death: The Time of Your Life will be drawing another Sandman book… for rival Marvel Comics?! Okay, we're not talking about the same Sandman here, if we're being totally fair But clickbait headlines gonna clickbait headline[...]
X-Men: Bland Design – Learning the Names of the Cast in Spider-Man vs. Deadpool #28
Deadpool #28 Writer: Robbie Thompson Artists: Chris Bachalo and Matt Horak Inkers: Matt Horak, Livesay, Tim Townsend, Victor Olazaba, and Wayne Faucher Colorist: Chris O'Halloran Letterer: Joe Sabino Cover: Scott Hepburn and Ian Herring Last issue was our first experience with this comic, and we weren't impressed Despite being the first issue of a new story arc, the comic did little to[...]
Chris Bachalo Teases New Marvel Project To Be Announced At SDCC
In a tweet from Tuesday, Marvel artist Chris Bachalo famed for his work on such books as Doctor Strange and Uncanny X-Men, teased a vague new reveal on everybody's favorite news source, Twitter. My new raison d'être will be revealed friday during a Marvel comics presentation at a pop culture event taking place in San Diego– — Chris Bachalo (@ShadeX6) July 18, 2017 As[...]
Generation X Reunions In ResurrXion
Art by Chris Bachalo Yesterday saw a new X-Position chat over at CBR, where the site gets to chat with Marvel, eXclusively, about the X-Men books. This particular instalment is part one in a chat with the X-Editors, Mark Paniccia, Daniel Ketchum and Christina Harrinton, about what we can expect in the upcoming ResurrXion of the line,[...]
One In The Chamber – A Generation X Fan's Reaction Across The Decades
Yes, I am all about that. Art by Chris Bachalo It seems the series might lend itself quite well to guest stars and old faces, which is always a nice thing. So yeah, yeah I'm kinda excited about this It's not what I expected or I suppose hoped for from my nostalgic part of my mind[...]
First Look At Doctor Strange #1 From Aaron And Bachalo
Written by Jason Aaron (Thor) and drawn by Chris Bachalo (Uncannny X-Men), the Sorcerer Supreme is open for business. Prepare for a side of the Marvel Universe you've never seen before as the magical, mystical and all things weird lie at every turn! And if you don't know where to turn – call the Doctor[...]
Strange You Can Believe In – Where Are Our Doctor Strange Comics Already?
Show us Mephisto by Jae Lee, The Mindless Ones by Marcos Martin (with his Steve Ditko inspired art) or the down right insanity that would be Chris Bachalo drawing Shuma-Gorath! No matter how I type that my spell check goes off A true sign of evil I think. Midnight Sons Revisited? No? How can you not like[...]
Uncanny X-Men Really Goes There – "The Uncle Tom Of Mutants"
Lots of cool stuff happens in today's Uncanny X-Men by Brian Bendis and Chris Bachalo But something tells me this little line might be the one to get the message boards chit-chatting. Cyclops calling Dazzler the "Uncle Tom Of The Mutants". Combine that with the fuss over the M-Word in a previous issue of Uncanny Avengers… …and then[...]
Cammy's Covers – From Avengers Arena to The Unwritten
Awesome cover, I need to go hunt down a Biz lighter now (and I don't even smoke!).     Avengers Arena #2 by Chris Bachalo & Tim Townsend The kids-battling-each-other-to-the-death homage covers continue this week with the 1954 classic Lord of the Flies by William Golding I'd almost completely forgotten about that book! It was definitely a favorite of[...]