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The official logo for AEW or All Elite Wrestling.
AEW announced Wednesday that this year's Beach Break episode of AEW Dynamite will take place in Cleveland, OH on January 26th Yes, that's right, Cleveland, OH does, technically, have a beach, though it is a beach on Lake Eerie, not any ocean And while it's debatable whether one would want to actually go to the[...]
family guy
Less than three weeks after YouTube sensation Arif Zahir landed the role of Cleveland Brown on FOX's Family Guy, we're learning from the voice actor as well as series executive producers Rich Appel and Alec Sulkin via Variety what was behind the decision to bring the character back as well as the process that lead to[...]
Cleveland Brown from Family Guy (Image: FOX)
Not long after FOX announced that YouTube star Arif Zahir will be joining the voice cast of Family Guy starting with the 19th season (which just started production) in the role of Cleveland Brown, originally voiced by Mike Henry Having voiced the character since the series premiered in 1999, Henry stepped down from the role in[...]
Cleveland Brown from Family Guy (Image: FOX)
In the same week that Kristen Bell (The Good Place) and Jenny Slate (Muppet Babies) announced that they were stepping down from their respective Central Park and Big Mouth roles so that those characters can be voiced by a Black voice actor, long-time Family Guy voice actor Mike Henry announced he was stepping down from[...]
'Family Guy': TBS Reveals Seth MacFarlane's 20th Anniversary Marathon Eps
Cleveland and Quagmire will play the parts of R2-D2 and C-3PO, while Herbert is the wise Obi-Wan Kenobi. "This episode is what finally put Star Wars on the map." 4:00 PM – "I Dream of Jesus" Peter rediscovers his love for the painfully annoying song, "Surfin' Bird" which drives people around him crazy; and when Peter finds Jesus[...]
Dodger Stadium
In 2019, the Cleveland Indians will host baseball's best inside Progressive Field in Cleveland The Land last hosted the game in 1997. Dodger Stadium is long-overdue to host the All-Star Game, it was actually surprising to know it had been that long since it happened Along with the Future's Game, featuring top MLB Prospects, and of[...]
Presidential Election (…stop judging me…) and Rick's portal gun! can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Weekly Static s01e25: Reboots, Chief Wahoo, Fox News & More! ( CBS Orders Reboot 'Magnum P.I.', 'Cagney and Lacey' Pilots, 'Murphy Brown' Gets Series Order Sean Hannity, Twitter, and Form Submission 1649 Avenged Sevenfold to Skip Grammys as Best Rock Song[...]
Cleveland Indians Agree to Phase Out Chief Wahoo Logo by 2019
Cleveland Indians baseball has used the Chief Wahoo logo prominently since 1947 As of the beginning of the 2019 season, the logo will no longer be seen on the field.   Announced by the club today, the team will begin to phase out the polarizing logo and remove it completely from their uniforms, caps, and around home[...]
Victor Crowley still
And I am happy that Cleveland is on there, I may actually get to participate in one of these! (Cleveland never gets this stuff) But if you do not see your city listed, have no fear, kids — Green says more cites are to come: "Only about HALF of them are being announced in this first[...]
A Splendid Dedication For Harvey Pekar Park, Cleveland
Photo by Daniel Anthony Nolan, with Joyce Brabner and Steve Presser. Yesterday, Cleveland Heights celebrated the life of comic book writer Harvey Pekar by dedicating part of Coventry Road and Euclid Heights Boulevard to his memory and legacy, naming it Pekar Park. It included a Harvey Pekar Comic Fest, a Pekar Park dedication, jazz performance, a storytelling session and a screening of[...]