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Decades of (in)Experience reaches it's 200th comic!

Decades Of (In)Experience Reaches Its 200th Comic!

Decades Of (In)Experience, the enjoyable yet all-too-real slice of life comic, has reached its 200th episode! Since 2015 Alex Schumacher has been telling the story of Luke Carlin, a guy in his thirties who's still figuring his life out. I've been enjoying Decades for a few years now. Alex is a gifted writer who knows […]

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"The Boondocks": Sony Pictures Animation, Creator Aaron McGruder Bringing Back Animated Series

Taking the stage on Wednesday to reveal a slate of new animated television and film projects, Sony Pictures Animation vice presidents Katie Baron and Kevin Noel finally confirmed what had been rumbling around as a rumor for some time now: Sony Pictures Television and original creator Aaron McGruder are bringing back The Boondocks.[caption id="attachment_1045977" align="alignnone"[...]

Rik Mayall, An Honest-To-Goodness Comedy Genius, Has Passed Away

In no particular order there's The Comic Strip, The Young Ones, The New Statesman, Blackadder, an incredible Jackanory reading of George's Marvellous Medicine, Bottom, A Kick up the Eighties and Kevin Turvey Investigates, Man Down, appearances as one half of The Dangerous Brothers...He was a snorting whirlwind, an avatar of absolute anarchy, and one of[...]

The Macclesfield From Space – Duck Dare & Hero Hound

Never one to miss out on an opportunity, I even decided to pitch the idea to them that they should go where other local papers would never dare to tread and have a weekly comic strip Yep, I thought it was high time the ‘funnies’ made their mark on the good folks of my hometown[...]

Trailer For The Hunt For Tony Blair, The New "Comic Strip Presents…"

Airing this Friday on Channel 4 is The Hunt For Tony Blair, the latest, long awaited reunion for the Comic Strip crew At least, many of them - and with a few new recruits plucked from the ranks of The Inbetweeners, Green Wing and other recent Channel 4 hits.I told you more about the show[...]