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Slylock Fox: King Features Syndicate Developing Kids' Animated Movie
King Features Syndicate announced a new animated film adaptation of the interactive children's comic strip Slylock Fox is in development inspired by the interactive children's comic strip. King Features has also renewed its representation agreement for the property, which was previously known as Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids. "Slylock Fox" key art courtesy of King Features Syndicate The[...]
Chris Bachalo's “Death of the Endless” Sandman Sketch Hits Auction
Garfield is an American icon and is as synonymous with newspaper comic strips as Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Calvin, and Hobbes Cartoonist Jim Davis launched Garfield in 1978 and still draws it to this day, continuing an incredible 42-year run on this iconic title The title that would become Garfield even dates a bit earlier than 1978, as[...]
Funny Garfield Strip Art Up For Auction At Heritage Auctions
Credit Heritage Auctions Garfield Is Just So Special Jim Davis Garfield Daily Comic Strip Original Art dated 6-13-80 (United Feature Syndicate, 1980). Garfield is starring in his own action film, and as danger approaches… it's time for Odie, the stunt dog! This wild and wacky daily was produced in ink and Zipatone over blue pencil on Bristol board, with an image area[...]
The Macclesfield From Space – Duck Dare & Hero Hound
Never one to miss out on an opportunity, I even decided to pitch the idea to them that they should go where other local papers would never dare to tread and have a weekly comic strip Yep, I thought it was high time the 'funnies' made their mark on the good folks of my hometown[...]