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Deadpool, Morbius, Scream

Deadpool #1 Launches in November From Kelly Thompson and Chris Bachalo

We thought it was Morbius., We thought it was Ghost Rider. We were wrong. Turns out it's Deadpool. A brand new series launching in November by Kelly Thompson and Chris Bachalo. And presumably having this Mary Jane cover as a variant…   BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! I'm writing the new #Deadpool ongoing. It begins in November. The […]

Marvel Comics Brings Back the Die-Cut Cover to JJ Abrams' Spider-Man #1

Marvel Comics Brings Back the Die-Cut Cover to JJ Abrams' Spider-Man #1

Marvel Comics has announced a new die-cut cover to launch JJ Abrams', Henry Abrams' and Sara Pichelli's new launch title Spider-Man #1. Designed by Chip Kidd, Marvel Comics' Spider-Man #1 Variant by Chip Kidd will now be a die-cut cover, at no additional cost to retailers. The front cover is red, the centre of Spider-Man's […]

Joe Madureira's "Battle Chasers Anthology" Drops Pages, New Sketches, Artwork and Poster

Joe Madureira's "Battle Chasers Anthology" Drops Pages, New Sketches, Artwork and Poster

This is how the Battle Chasers Anthology trade paperback was solicited for September. Battle Chasers Anthology TP WRITER: Joe Madureira, Munier Sharrieff ARTIST: Joe Madureira, Tim Townsend, Trevor Scott, Vince Russel, Scott Williams, Jason Martin, Tom McWeeney, Adam Warren COVER A: Joe Madureira SEPTEMBER 25 / 344 pages / FC/ T / $24.99 Collecting every […]

The Changing Creative Teams of Omni, Published by Humanoids Tomorrow

This week sees the publication from Humanoids of Omni, the new series from the publisher's H1 shared superhero universe line, showrun by Mark Waid. But it has had quite the creative churn from announcement to publication. Initially, it was promoted thus: By writer Cheryl Lynn Eaton of Bitch Planet and Batman: Secret Files, artist Ariela Kristantina of […]

Roy Thomas Remembers Ernie Colón

Roy Thomas Remembers Ernie Colón

Comic book legend Roy Thomas writes for Bleeding Cool, courtesy of his manager John Cimino. He writes, I was truly saddened to learn about the passing of my old friend and colleague, artist Ernie Colón, only a couple of days after I learned of the serious condition of his health. We hadn't been in touch […]

Project Superpowers

Rob Williams to Write Relaunch of Project Superpowers

10 years after it was first launched, Dynamite is bringing back a new Project Superpowers series with Rob Williams (Suicide Squad) and Sergio Davila (Injustice) at the helm. The new series will kick off in July with a #0 issue set at only 10 cents — to go with the 10th anniversary, obviously. They're calling […]

Talking Comics – Skybourne #1, Cyborg Rebirth #1, Supergirl #1, Everafter #1 & More! can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Talking Comics for 09.07.16 – Skybourne #1, Cyborg Rebirth #1, Supergirl #1, Everafter #1 & More! ( Bleeding Cool welcomes the return of Talking Comics, from Excalibur Comics, Cards, and Games in Shreveport, Louisiana, to discuss this week's upcoming books, speculating about where they are headed, and […]

What Could Mosaic Mean For An Inhuman?

Marvel's new character – and presumed series, by the registered trademark they have made – Mosaic was presented in the fashion of a jigsaw. Which might fit the  definition of "a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass." But since the character is […]

Lying In The Gutters – 18th April 2016 – Rebirthing Pool

I can't wait until tomorrow when CBR starts posting all the Rebirth stories Newsarama posted today, that Bleeding Cool posted yesterday. — FHIZ (@gothamspoilers) April 12, 2016 It was a week of rebirth…. and indeed, that link was the most popular thing on the site all week. And Bleeding Cool got to read about […]

More Evidence That Marvel Really Hates The X-Men

Marvel clearly doesn't hate the X-Men. It's a straw man argument made by Marvel to counter those who see the X-Men books less promoted, less licensed, less appearing as the face of Marvel Comics. Removed from T-shirts, posters, licensing, gaming, toys and much more. This isn't a symptom of any Marvel hate, but the result of […]