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All The Exclusive Covers For Dark Souls #1 And The Rarest Black Eyed Kids #1

The comic based on the Dark Souls game debuts from Titan Comics next Wednesday. And naturally, comes in a variety of variants, some exclusive to the store that's selling them…. Cover A: Game Cover Cover B: Concept Art Cover C: Joshua Cassara Cover D: Marco Turini Cover E: Blank Sketch Gamestop Store Variant: Alan Quah Namco Bandai […]

Fanboy Rampage: Jacques Hyzagi Vs Robert Crumb

Last year, New York Observer journalist Jacques Hyzagi ‏wrote an interview with Robert Crumb entitled "Robert Crumb Hates You." "Oh, I hate men much more than women," Mr. Crumb said, "They are just horrible. It's men who do all the raping and pillaging, the mass killing. Fame also exposed me to a very seedy, sleazy […]

When The Avengers Replace Their Quinjets With A Fleet Of Audis Audi and Marvel have been intertwined promotionally since the first Iron Man movie. And now Marvel have made another comic book for Audi, Avengers: Kings Of The Road, with the Avengers showing off the cars in a story written by ex-Marvel editor and Power Pack writer Marc Sumerak. It appears inside the new Audi Magazine, featuring […]

Get A Job In Comics – Promotions, Departures And Hiring

A semi-regular look at who is working where in comics – and possibilities out there. Dark Horse has promoted of Kari Yadro to the role of director of custom programs. Effective immediately, Yadro will serve as the head of the Dark Horse Comics custom publishing and products program. Yadro began her career at Dark Horse […]

Crossed Badlands Ends With #100 – Avatar's July 2016 Solicits

Who would have thought it would be Avatar Press who would send two years showing DC Comics what a twice-monthly on-time comic with the same creators as solicited could look like? Crossed: Badlands comes to an end in July with its 100th issue written by Netflix Daredevil's Christos Gage, but as for the future of […]

How Marvel Ensure Civil War II And Han Solo Will Top DC's Rebirth In June

DC's decision to make the first three month's of their DC Rebirth titles starting in June is likely to see their marketshare increase dramatically for those months. But Marvel look set to deny them the top spots for that month. Marvel are launching exclusive retailer variant covers for both Civil War II #1 and Han […]

Spawn Kills Everyone

Snotgirl, Throwaways, Hunt, Horizon, Mechanism, Millarworld And Spawn Kills Everyone – Image Comics' July 2016 Solicits

Bryan Lee O'Malley and Leslie Hung's Snotgirl, Caitlin Kittredge and Steven Sanders' Throwaways, Brandon Thomas, Juan Gedeon and Frank Martin's Horizon, Colin Lorimar and Joana LaFuente's The Hunt, Raffaele Ianco's Mechanism and Mark Millar's talent winners' Millarworld Annual all launch in July from Image Comics… oh and Spawn Kills Everyone! from JJ Kirby and Todd McFarlane. […]

The DC Universe And The Rebirth Of Joy?

Devon Sanders writes, A couple of months ago, DC Comics basically went full on "Boyz II Men-90's-slow- jam- R&B-style," realized what it had lost, got down on bended knee and told its readers that it knew it had done wrong and begged longtime readers to come home again. The "New 52-DC You" experiments were yielding […]

A Different Apocalypse-Related Cover To Homage From The X-Men Titles…

While the Apocalypse Wars X-Men titles are all running homages to X-Factor #6 on their covers, the first cover appearance of Apocalypse… The Wizard World Presents Comic Con Box variant cover of All New X-Men #9  by Michael Gaydos… Is homaging the actual first appearance of Apocalypse from X-Factor #5… Thought that was sweet. The June […]

When JK Rowling Said She'd Never Do Harry Potter Comic Books

Ray Dillon and Renae De Liz are having a lot of success right now with the Legend Of Wonder Woman digital first comic from DC. The President of DC Comics, Diane Nelson, used to work closely with JK Rowling on the Harry Potter movies at Warner Bros. Some commentators wondered if Nelson could get comic book […]

Black Panther #2 Tops Advance Reorders

Greetings from the coal face of the direct comics market. Where retailers try to increase their orders of certain comics ahead of sale. Where supply and demand and most accurately reflected, where you can see which books are hot, where new orders are coming in and how retailers are reacting to new, unanticipated desire! The […]

New Miracleman Is Published Today. Kind Of.

A long time ago Miller & Sons published Captain Marvel reprints in Britain. Then, as a result of the DC Vs Fawcett trial, the source of those reprints vanished. So Mick Anglo was hired to create a lookey-likey strip, Marvelman, which was successful in the fifties but mostly forgotten since. Until it was revived for […]

Putting Negan Back Together Again In The Walking Dead Comic

So Negan came to the Walking Dead TV show finale this week. While he is known in the comics of old. Except for the last five years he's been kept in a prison. Last issue that ended, and Negan was reunited with his freedom. And now we have a new issue of The Walking […]

A Manhattan Morning At MoCCA At The Metropolitan

Jason Borelli goes to MoCCA for Bleeding Cool. His Prologue ran yesterday… To my surprise, I came home to find that Rich Johnston had published my prologue of MoCCA. And then I read the comments. For the record: Trump-as-Darkseid was my idea, not Rich's. I see the crowds gathering at Trump rallies, and I start […]