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Ernie Colón, Co-Creator of Arak, Amethyst and Damage Control, Dies Aged 88
He also worked as an editor for DC. In the nineties, he worked for Marvel Comics, co-creating Damage Control with Dwayne MacDuffie, created the graphic novel Ax solo, and worked on Doom 2099 and Bullwinkle and Rocky. It was the editor of that last project for Marvel, Sid Jacobson, that Ernie may have created his most public[...]
Vulture's Furry Collar Is Blue – New Image & Detail On Keaton's Adrian Toomes
Either way, with Schultz and Mason destined to become Schocker and Tinkerer, it's a way forward for a little cabal. Not sure which team gets to be Damage Control, though. It does make some sense of co-producer Eric Hauserman Carroll's comments that Toomes "sort of becomes the dark Tony Stark," and that "He thinks once he has this money[...]
Speculator Corner: Marvel Age Annual #4 And Damage Control
We noted how the first Damage Control story from Marvel Comics Presents #19 went a little ballistic online after it was announced that a TV series based on Dwayne McDuffie and Ernie Colon's series for Marvel Comics was in the works, with copies now selling for up to $60 on eBay. with most around $30. Well, that[...]
Dwayne McDuffie's Damage Control In Development At ABC For A New TV Show
The Hollywood Reporter had the word that The Daily Show and The Colbert Report's Ben Karlin is developing a TV series for ABC based on Damage Control, the Marvel comic create by the late, great Dwayne McDuffie and Ernie Colon. And that ABC has ordered a script for a half-hour, single-camera comedy. The comic focussed on the[...]
Could We See The Return Of Damage Control?
Such as the Doctor Strange movie announcement necessitating a few new collections such as Doctor Strange: Don't Pay the Ferryman, presumably collecting a run from his eighties series that includes issue 80 by Peter Gillis and Chris Warner. But among the books is Damage Control: The Complete Collection which, presumably, will collect all the Damage Control mini-series over the[...]
Waste Your Weekend With Damage Control
But it still had me up until three in the morning last night. Damage Control was always my very favourite Marvel comic book as a kid And this is basically a resource management game, juggling various workmen at various levels of upgrades across Manhattan repairing buildings destroyed by superhero action. Which is possibly an odd choice for[...]