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Magic: The Gathering - The 6 Most Triumphant Cards From Innistrad
There is a clear connotation to success that the word "triumphant" lends itself to, and so it won't take a lot to figure out what this means for Innistrad and its subsequent expansion sets… Or will it? You see, while some Innistrad-focused sets have trouble in a few areas, like despair in Avacyn Restored or a climactic action[...]
Magic: The Gathering - Innistrad's Six Most Dread-Inducing Cards
We took a look at all the sets that take place on Innistrad – Innistrad proper, Dark Ascension, Avacyn Restored, Shadows Over Innistrad, Eldritch Moon, and Midnight Hunt, and found what we believe to be the most dread-inducing card, speaking aesthetically, in each set Previously, we went over the creepiest, most haunting, and most poignant cards in these sets, and[...]
Magic: The Gathering - Innistrad's Six Most Poignant Cards So Far
Dark Ascension's Helvault Unfortunately, most of the poignance of the original story of Innistrad came in the beginning, when establishing the world of the block, and the end, during Avacyn Restored, when hope was at its highest point (in more than a figurative sense, to be sure) The second set in the block, Dark Ascension, was mostly the rising[...]
Magic: The Gathering: 6 Of Innistrad's Most Haunting Cards
Last week, we spoke about cards that evoke "creepy"; today, we are looking at "haunting" cards. The art for Lingering Souls, a card from Dark Ascension, an expansion set for Magic: The Gathering Illustrated by Bud Cook. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary website, "Haunting" (as an adjective) is defined as such: Haunting: having qualities (such as sadness or beauty)[...]