Frank Miller On His Possible Upcoming Superman Project, And The Genesis Of The Batman V Superman Dynamic


Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello participated in an extremely engaging and unmoderated C2E2 panel earlier today, and amidst the humorous barbs flying back and forth between the pair, Miller dropped the following tidbit about the Superman project he hopes to be able to announce with DC, and more:

Audience Question: There are a couple pivotal scenes in Dark Knight I and Dark Knight II, where Superman gets his ass kicked pretty hard. I notice you're wearing a Superman shirt today, I'm interested… how do you feel about Superman as a character because–

Frank Miller: Excuse me, it's not just a Superman shirt, Superman is punching out the Atom on this shirt.

Questioner: I, I… couldn't see the whole thing with the blazer, all right?

My question is… how do you feel about Superman? I sense some animosity.

Frank Miller: I adore Superman, but I was doing a Batman book, and I wanted Batman to be the hero and very much took his point of view, and it just seems to me that… If I were Batman, who would I resent the most? It would be the guy who not only represented very, very status quo oriented sense of things, someone who wanted things to stay just the same when things were rotten, but… someone who could fly when I needed a goddamn car.

To me it was very natural to set up a story where Batman would end up in combat with Superman, then the fun was finding a way for Batman to win the fight. By putting him in a big suit of armor, and having him have a buddy who could fire Kryptonite arrows.

To turn that around, one project I very much want to do is a project where Superman is very much a hero. I'm talking to DC about it, and hope to have something announced, but I want to do my original Superman where he'd be the hero all the way through.

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