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Zarjaz! An Art Tribute To 40 Years Of 2000 AD, Now In Leeds For Thought Bubble

Before this year's Thought Bubble comic art festival kicks off — and blimey, that's in two short weeks — Vice Press and 2000 AD are hosting Zarjaz! An Art Tribute To 40 Years of 2000 AD, a free-to-attend exhibition in Leeds. Curated by artist and Vice Press co-founder Matt Ferguson, Zarjaz! An Art Tribute To 40 Years of […]

Faster Than Light #1, A New Image Comic That You Make Do Amazing Things

Faster Than Light #1 is a new Image comic coming out in September by Brian Haberlin and Vandyke. Brian has sent us the cover and five internal pages – but that's just the start of it. Because, as with a number of Haberlin's books, the pages of this comic have considerable amounts of AR, a way […]

Thought Bubble Debut: Midnight Man – #TBF14

  What: Midnight Man Who: Mo Ali and Andy Blair Why:  Falling from Big Ben whilst being chased by a possessed horse from the American Civil War, the time-travelling vigilante Midnight Man has had stranger days.  Can he foil the plans of a malevolent time-spanning cabal, and save humanity in the process?  He might be out […]

Thought Bubble Debut: Neverending #2

What: Neverending #2 Who: Stephen Sutherland Artist – Gary Kelly Colourist – Lesley Atlansky Letterer/Graphics: Colin Bell Cover Artist: Emma Vieceli Why: The Glasgow spy drama continues for the girl who never sleeps. Recovering from her ordeal last issue, Olivia becomes determined to protect her girlfriend and father – but how far is she willing to go? […]

Thought Bubble Exclusive: Princeless #1

What: Thought Bubble exclusive run of the new Princeless #1 Who: Jeremy Whitley , Rosy Higgins and Ted Brandt Where: Tables 7-8, in front of the main entrance of the TB Teepee.  

Thought Bubble Debut: Trails by Lydia Wysocki

              What: My new comic book is 'Trails: a book about travel, history, and being a slug' Who: Lydia Wysocki Why: In 2013 I travelled back to Santa Cruz, California, for a reunion with friends from my 2001-02 undergraduate exchange year at the University of California, Santa Cruz.  I also […]

NYCC Debut: Walking Dead Magazine #1

Debuting at the New York Comic Con is The Walking Dead Magazine #1, with an exclusive Michonne cover for the show, by Charlie Adlard. From Titan Magazines and Skybound, it's the kind of focused TV magazine that Titan specialise in in the UK, that have never really found a specialist market in the US. However […]

NYCC Debut: Marvel Remastered – The Marvel Art of Brandon Peterson

This book will debut at NYCC, a full color oversized 48 page hardcover featuring the Marvel Comics artwork of Brandon Peterson collected over his long comics career, enhanced with touchups, outright redos and an explanation of his creative process. The book will cost $25, or $40 if bundled with a previous hardcover collection, Venus Overdrive. […]

Manga Studio Debut 4 At 74% Off On Amazon Lightning Deal

Get in, get out, Manga Studio Debut 4 is currently on for $13, that's $37 off the $50 retail price. Wonderful for any budding comic creator. Fill your boots… Here's the bumf; Manga Studio Debut 4.0 is your all-in-one solution for stunning, ready-to-publish manga and comics. Invigorate your artwork using color, express motion using […]

NYCC Debut: Healed 4

Title: Healed #4 Writer: George O'Connor Artist: Griffen Publisher: Homeless Comics Concept: In a moment, all life-threatening disease and illness are "healed". And everyone, from large corporations to small families, are trying to navigate through this new reality and asking the bigger question, "Will we be healed forever?" "This book will change your mind about […]

NYCC Debut: Don't Be Afraid

Title: Don't Be Afraid Creators: Cover by Darick Robertson & Richard P. Clark; Writers: Dan Rivera, Joe Sergi, Joshua Osborne, Justin Heggs, and Eric Drumm. Interior art by Randy Valiente, Cecilia Latella, DaFu Yu, Jonathan Zajdman, and Marc Jameson Publisher: Elevator Pitch Press High Concept: All people have one thing in common, hiding deep within […]

NYCC Debut: Neonomicon TPB by Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows

Title: Neonomicon TPB Creators: Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows Publisher: Avatar Comics Available: Booth #1930 High concept: What if the horrorific fantasies of HP Lovecraft were far more than that, and reflective of another reality – and one that FBI agents find themselves both investigating, and being investigated by. A horror story worthy of the […]

NYCC Debut: Killing Pickman

Title: Killing Pickman Creators: Jason Becker, Jon Rea, Matt Talbot Available: Booth #1546 High concept: William Zhu is a homicide detective that has just made the arrest of his career. With the apprehension of Richard Pickman he has solved over one hundred missing child cases. The excavation of Pickman's basement reveals the bodies of children […]

NYCC Debut: The Red Ten #1 by Tyler James and Cesar Feliciano

Title: THE RED TEN #1 Creators: Tyler James (story) and Cesar Feliciano (art) with Miguel Marques (colors) and Charles Paul Wilson III (cover) Publisher: ComixTribe Available: Booth #2537 (small press area) High concept: A superhero retelling of Agatha Christie's classic novel "And Then There Were None." When the world's greatest detective is violently murdered by […]

NYCC Debut: The Gathering and Ever After

Titles: The Gathering Volume 5 (Romance) and Volume 6 (Horror 2) and Ever After 1 Creators: Sterling Gates, Doug Hahner, Cassandra James, Brenda Lopez, Glenn Matchett, Amanda Rachels, Len Wallace, and dozens of up and coming writers and artists/ Matt O'Keefe and Lee Giles Publisher: GrayHaven Comics High Concept: What started as an experiment over […]

NYCC Debut: The Scam #1

Title: SCAM #1 Creators: Joe Mulvey (story and art) Publisher: ComixTribe Available: Booth #2537 (Small Press Area) High concept: Super powers are great and all, but there are some people who would rather lie than fly. SCAM is "X-Men meets Oceans 11″ and involves a team of grifters with incredible abilities they don't quite fully […]

NYCC Debut: The Independents

Title: The Independents: Burn Hollywood! Burn! Color Special Creators: Ben Christian and Cory Smith with Steve Talaba on colors Publisher: Really Fancy & Important Brand Name Publishing Available: Booth #D14 (Podcast area) High concept: Remember the late Doc Dynamite? He was the hero who liberated the Polish Concentration Camps. He marched with Dr. Martin Luther […]

NYCC Debut: Z-Girl And The 4 Tigers #2

Debuting at New York Comic Con… Title: Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers #2 Creators: Kirk Manley and Jeff Marsick with Euan Mactavish on colors Publisher: Studio Z Available: Booth #2950 (Small Press area) High concept: The trail of the 13th tablet of Gilgamesh leads Z-Girl and her team to Nineveh, Iraq where they unearth something […]

San Diego Debut: Friend Of Dorothy #2

Title: Friend of Dorothy #2 Creators: Brian Andersen, Neftali Centen, Celina Hernadez and Falecia Woods Published by: CBG Comics Where: Prism Comics booth #2144 High concept: After being visited by a sexy, shirtless Gorlindo the Good Witch, some evil, soul-eating Scrows (scarecrows), and a smarty-pants, rude dog named Dodo, Scott-John of Earth must accept the […]

San Diego Debut: A Zoo In Winter by Jiro Taniguchi

Title: A Zoo In Winter: Creator: Jiro Taniguchi Publisher: Ponent Mon S.L. Where: Booth #2102 High concept: closest Jiro Taniguchi has come to an autobiography as he recalls his early days in comics as apprentice to a mangaka. Print run: Very limited copies made available for the show before its August release. Website: