Retailers! Don't Lose All Your Orders For Dark Night: Death Metal #7

Comic book retailers who have been ordering their DC Comics titles through UCS Comic Distributors, the distributor set up by Midtown Comics, and being urged to take action over a number of already-ordered titles.

UCS has declined to continue offering DC Comics titles to comic book retailers from January 2021, not willing to take on the strictures of a new contract. As a result, Lunar Distribution, which was distributing between half and a third of UCS' number, will be taking on an exclusive distribution deal with DC, distributing comic books to North American comic book stories in the direct market.

However, as the switch is imminent, a number of books that will be distributed by Lunar to retailers from January were originally scheduled – and ordered – for December. If retailers wish their orders with UCS to carry through to Lunar, they need to take action. Including Death Metal #7 and Generations Shattered #1…

Retailers! Don't Lose All Your Orders For Dark Night: Death Metal #7
Retailers! Don't Lose All Your Orders For Dark Night: Death Metal #7

The comics in question are as follows:

  • Dark Nights: Death Metal #7
  • Generations Shattered #1
  • Batman Adventures: Robin The Boy Wonder TPB
  • Batman: The Caped Crusader Vol 5 TPB
  • House Of El: Book One TPB
  • Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating The DC Universe Book 2 TPB
  • Wonder Woman by George Perez Vol 5 TPB
  • 100 Bullets Omnibus Vol 1 HC
  • Batman: The Chalice TPB
  • Birds Of Prey Hero Hunters TPB $29.99
  • Heroes In Crisis The Price And Other Stories TPB $19.99
  • We Found A Monster TPB $9.99
  • Batman The Dark Knight Detective Vol 04 TPB $29.99
  • Justice Society Of America The Demise Of Justice HC $39.99
  • Young Justice Vol 03 Warriors And Warlords TPB $19.99
  • DC Comics The Art Of Lee Bermejo HC $49.99
  • Justice League Dark Vol 04 A Costly Trick Of Magic TPB $19.99
  • Justice League International Book 02 Around The World TPB $29.99
  • Legends Of The Dc Universe Doug Mahnke HC $49.99
  • New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol 05 HC $99.99
  • Superman Kryptonite Nevermore HC $29.99
  • Superman The Man Of Steel Vol 02 HC $49.99
  • Titans Burning Rage TPB $16.99
  • Wonder Woman In The Fifties TPB $34.99
  • DC's Greatest Detective Stories Ever Told TPB $19.99
  • Flash By Geoff Johns Omnibus Vol 02 HC $99.99
  • Flash Facts TPB $9.99
  • Justice League Unlimited Hocus Pocus TPB $9.99
  • Legion Of Super-Heroes Before The Darkness Vol 01 TPB $49.99
  • Lucifer Vol 04 The Devil At Heart TPB (MR) $16.99
  • Manhunter By Archie Goodwin And Walter Simonson Deluxe Edition HC $17.99
  • Nubia Real One TPB $16.99
  • Superman In The Fifties TPB $34.99
  • Absolute Planetary HC $150.00
  • Aquaman Vol 04 Echoes Of A Life Lived Well TPB $19.99
  • Batman Vol 02 The Joker War HC $29.99
  • Green Lantern Circle Of Fire TPB New Edition $39.99
  • Hawkman Vol 04 Hawks Eternal TPB $19.99
  • Richard Dragon Kung-fu Fighter Coming Of The Dragon HC $49.99
  • Superman & Batman Generations Omnibus HC $75.00
  • Superman By Grant Morrison Omnibus HC $75.00
  • DC Poster Portfolio Greg Capullo TPB $24.99
  • Sandman The Deluxe Edition Book 02 HC (MR) $49.99
  • Earth One Box Set TPB $49.99
  • Superman The Last Son Deluxe Edition HC $49.99
  • Amazing World Of Superman (Tabloid Edition) HC $19.99

While the following items were listed with retailers in advance with UCS and won't transfer to Lunar, so these will have to be ordered all over again.

  • Batgirl Returns Omnibus HC 99.99
  • Crisis On Multiple Earths Book 01 Crossing Over TPB 39.99
  • Harley Quinn And The Birds Of Prey #4 (Of 4) MR) 5.99
  • Hellblazer Rise And Fall #3 (Of 3) (MR) 6.99
  • Legion Of Super-Heroes #12  3.99
  • Strange Adventures #8 (Of 12) (MR) 4.99
  • Wonder Woman Book 02 Ares Rising TPB 29.99

Here is how retailers can do the automatic transfer of orders:

Distributors for which the orders will be filled by Lunar Distribution, starting from January 5th 2021 releases and on. Both UCS and Lunar want to make sure that you receive the books that you FOC'd, so to better facilitate this, we are issuing you a unique 30 digit code to enter on the Lunar website that will "unlock" your orders for the unshipped books FOC'd with UCS and link them to your Lunar account, if you have one. Your individualized code can be accessed from the dashboard after logging into the UCS website, and a page containing your individual list of affected orders will be available as early as Thursday, 12/10/20.


To enter your code on the Lunar website, login and navigate to ACCOUNT -> UCS ORDER IMPORT. Select the store you want to import the order to and enter the code retrieved from the UCS website.

Please note this transfer of order information will only carry over for items ordered by their respective FOC deadline. Any backorders placed after an item's FOC date will not transfer.

Any retailers still with concerns?

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