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Dynamic Forces 25th Anniversary Bundle
Dynamite Entertainment's parent company, Dynamic Forces is turning 25, and to celebrate they've partnered with the charity bundling site Humble Bundle to create the Dynamic Forces 25th Anniversary bundle featuring a wide variety of comics from their long history This new digital bundle features over 150 issues and three art books Fans can pay what they[...]
Dynamic Forces
Dynamic Forces, the parent company of Dynamite Entertainment, is celebrating their 25th anniversary by going on TV tonight to sell comics Nick Barrucci, the company's founder and CEO, will be the host of the program starting at 11 p.m EST time tonight on The Shopping Channel. Among the things being offered is what they call the[...]
Black Friday Grab Bag Of Signed Comics, Blank And Variant Covers
I got a note from Dynamic Forces that their usually daily special is a bit bigger today for Black Friday. They're calling it their Lucky Twenty-One collector's set as it includes 21 various random comics including some signed, some limited edition, some retailer exclusive, some variant edition and even some blank covers There are on 25[...]
Exclusive First Look At Jae Lee's Batman #1 Retailer Exclusive Cover
Dynamic Forces has given us an exclusive first look at their Retailer Exclusive cover for Batman #1 by Tom King and David Finch that ships June 15th This cover, offered in both color and black & white is done by Jae Lee (with colors by June Chung) The new storyline, I Am Gotham, begins here[...]
Amanda Conner's Connecting Variants For Batman #50 And Superman #50
These retailer exclusive connecting covers done for Dynamic Forces feature the two heroes facing off with a background full of Harley Quinns Done in conjunction with the 23rd anniversary of Harley Quinn's creation… which makes me feel very old right now… you can get both issue for $23.23 for a limited time (normally $49.99). This[...]
Jae Lee To Draw Live On Your TV
We just got word that popular comic artist Jae Lee will be appearing on the next 2-hour live Dynamic Forces / EVine Live show May 26th at 3 AM EST The 20-year veteran of the comic industry will be illustrating on-air for people to see during the broadcast Lee is known for his work on[...]
Secret Wars #1 Variant And First Editions Still Available
Dynamic Forces has announced that they have issues in stock at cover price for a limited time along with their DF Exclusive Variant If your local comic shop has sold out and you are looking for another option to get a first edition… The Secret Wars #1 Dynamic Forces Exclusive, featuring cover artwork by Greg Land[...]
Dynamic Forces Take A Second Swing At The TV Pitch With Evine Live
Dynamic Forces has announced a second television special hosted by EVINE Live (evine.com) After a successful first special in early April, Dynamic Forces will return with a new selection of comic book collectibles, including Avengers, Fantastic Four, Batman, Bob's Burgers, Wolverine, Daredevil, and more The two-hour event will take place on Thursday, May 7th beginning at 3:00am EST[...]
Exclusive Greg Land Secret Wars Cover
With Marvel being sold out of 1st printings of Secret Wars #1, folks looking for a copy might want to check out this exclusive cover by Greg Land offered up by Dynamic Forces They're offering the book up for $10.00 or a Greg Land signed copy for $19.84… which I assume is the price point[...]
Comic Books Return To The Shopping Channels
An announcement went out today that Dynamic Forces was teaming with EVINE Live (evine.com) to produce a two-hour shopping program focusing on a line of comic book collectibles that will include Star Wars, Marvel, DC, IDW, and Dynamite products. The two-hour event takes place on Wednesday, April 8th, at 1:00am EST (Tuesday, April 7th at 10:00pm PST)[...]
Greg Land Covers Star Wars #1
Dynamic Forces is doing so as well and have commissioned an exclusive cover by Greg Land as well as remarked sketch covers they are selling from Ken Haeser and Chris Caniano They are also selling signed covers by John Cassaday and signed variant covers by Skottie Young You can order the Land cover here and[...]