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G Fuel Creates The Tetris Blast Flavor For World Tetris Day
They will sell these until supplies last, or when the promotion officially end of June 7th (Monday). A look at the Collector's Box for Tetris Blast, courtesy of G Fuel. "Tetris is thrilled to be working with G Fuel, one of the biggest names in energy drinks, to deliver the ultimate thirst quencher for game fans," said[...]
No Joke! G Fuel & SEGA Will Release A Sanic Chili Dogs Flavor
Embracing the nightmare fuel that is the Sanic meme, the two companies are taking this to a new level by actually making a real flavored energy drink that you can pre-order right now at the link above for $40 Is it going to be good? WHO KNOWS! We honestly haven't sat back and processed this[...]
Auto Draft
The concept was a prank in 2010 where the company had made its own energy drink for gamers, a nod to the fad at the time that everything drink related was being targeted to an audience who desperately needed to be awake for 36-hours straight Flash forward nine years later and the company has actually[...]
Nerd Food: Zombie Survival Can Energy Drink
This is a Zombie Survival Can energy drink I suppose the idea is to give you the energy and alertness one would need to fight said zombies In my case, I drank it while driving up to New Jersey for the day The drink is a nice berry color, which I guess should mimic blood[...]
Nerd Food: A Mega Fighting Robot Energy Drink!
Clearly because of my poor planning, I'll need a mega energy kick! Thankfully for me, Mega Man E-Tank energy drink exists The drink boasts that it's caffeine free, has loads of vitamin B6 and B12, and will turn me into a fighting robot so I can battle against a myriad of bosses, with a fantastic[...]