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"Final Fantasy IX's" Freya and Beatrix Join Figure Line by Square Enix

This time Square Enix is releasing a new two-pack of characters from Final Fantasy IX First, we have Freya Crescent, the Dragon Knight she comes styling in her red outfit and is posable Second, we get Beatrix, the boss and temporary playable character in Final Fantasy IX This two-pack figure set comes with a nice assortment[...]

E3: Is Nintendo Winning Back Hardcore Gamers? [OPINION]

Is Nintendo getting the respect back from the hardcore gamers that abandoned them 23 years ago? Ever since Nintendo went to the cartridge well too often with the release of the Nintendo 64, most of the hardcore gaming community turned their back on them and gave their business to Sony for the Playstation, and later […]

Inside FINAL FANTASY IX (Closed Captions)

Square Enix Goes In-Depth Over the Making of Final Fantasy IX

Square Enix has released a new interesting video taking fans inside some of their favorite Final Fantasy titles, starting with Final Fantasy IX The 20-minute video offers interviews with Shinji Hashimoto (Producer), Toshiyuki Itahana (Artist), Kazuhiko Aoki (Event Designer), and Nobuaki Komoto (Event Planner) as they discuss the development of the game and the planning that[...]

Final Fantasy IX is Available on the Switch and Xbox One Right Now

Square Enix has released Final Fantasy IX on even more platforms, as the game has launched on both Nintendo Switch and Xbox one already The game was released in conjunction with a massive Nintendo Direct.Final Fantasy IX was originally released in 2000, making it just 19 years old, and like most games in the series it[...]

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Square Enix is Hosting a Massive Last-Minute Holiday Sale

Or you can just get all of them.The complete sale list is below:FINAL FANTASY$7.99 → $3.99 (App Store | Google Play)FINAL FANTASY II$7.99 → $3.99 (App Store | Google Play)FINAL FANTASY III$14.99 → $6.99 (App Store) | $12.99 → $6.49 (Google Play) | $15.99 → $7.99 (Amazon Appstore)FINAL FANTASY III for iPad$16.99 → $7.99 (App[...]

Square Enix Announces a Slew of Final Fantasy Console Releases

Additionally, the Chocobo's Dungeon series is also returning with a new addition set for release this winter. Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy! will be the first Chocobo's Dungeon game in ten years.The other titles, including Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered, will launch in 2019.The full list of the announced Final Fantasy titles and platforms are available below:Nintendo SwitchFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[...]

Sometimes Nostalgia Is A Jump Rope: A Quick Review Of 'Final Fantasy IX'

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Final Fantasy IX is what many would consider a dividing rod among fans The last of the PS1 games in the series, you're either a hardcore fan or you despise this game immensely The biggest reason for the division is the look and tone of the game, as it took a more playful and[...]