Final Fantasy IX is Available on the Switch and Xbox One Right Now

Final Fantasy IX is Available on the Switch and Xbox One Right Now

Square Enix has released Final Fantasy IX on even more platforms, as the game has launched on both Nintendo Switch and Xbox one already. The game was released in conjunction with a massive Nintendo Direct.

Final Fantasy IX was originally released in 2000, making it just 19 years old, and like most games in the series it tells a story of love, war, magic, and self-discovery. The Switch and Xbox ports make the game more accessible to new players than ever, and also provides an opportunity for veteran players to revisit the title without booting up an outdated console.

If you ever wondered where Final Fantasy characters Zidane, Vivi, and Princess Garnet originally hailed from, this is definitely the game to check out.

Like most re-releases of classic FF games, Final Fantasy IX comes with modern enhancements on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch like high-definition movies and character models as well as auto-save functionality.

And because no good game announcement is complete without a trailer, here is the Nintendo Switch launch trailer for FFIX.

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