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With everybody psyched up about Final Fantasy VII Remake on the way, it's gotten the discussion going of what Final Fantasy games deserve a remake There's no doubt that there is a big library of games to choose from that were made at different points in time and eras of gaming So basically, the sky's[...]
FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Theme Song Trailer (Closed Captions)
Would you like to play the demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake? Good news! You can start doing that today and all you need is access to the PlayStation Store A new listing for the demo has gone live in the store this morning, giving you a chance to play what is essentially the opening[...]
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Second, they are bringing a demo of Final Fantasy VII Remake for everyone to play Third, and a little out of the blue since we assumed it would be saved for E3 2020, the company is bringing Outriders for everyone to try out Which won't even be released until the holidays, so you're getting to[...]
Square Enix Reveals The "Final Fantasy VII Remake" Opening Movie
In a small sequence of events that will send chills to gamers of a certain age, the opening movie for Final Fantasy VII Remake has been unveiled There's a point in time in which someone picks up a game for the first time and they see the opening and it becomes ingrained within them for[...]
The Square Enix Cafe Is Making "Final Fantasy VII Remake" Dishes
If you haven't had a chance to visit the Square Enix Cafe in Japan, you might want to take a visit and see the Final Fantasy VII Remake dishes they're making The cafe itself creates food based on all of their franchises, and while it's not as decorative as the Pokemon version where all your[...]
A New "Final Fantasy VII Remake" Concert Tour is Kicking Off This Year
That's why you might want to head out to the newest Final Fantasy VII Remake orchestral concert that's kicking off this year, after the remake officially lands in April. The new concert will explore over 10 cities, from Los Angeles to New York, as the Orchestra World Tour travels all over It kicks off in LA[...]
Final Fantasy 7 Remake XIII
This morning, Square Enix had a pleasant surprise for everyone waiting on Final Fantasy VII Remake, as we got a new trailer featuring the theme song This trailer, in our opinion, feels like a small apology to the fans for the delay as we see a lot more characters and creatures this time around we[...]
Make Sure to Confirm Your "Final Fantasy VII Remake" Pre-Order
Credit: Square Enix Just in case you missed the announcement, Final Fantasy VII Remake was pushed back from March to April. If, like many fans across the world looking to get their fill of the upcoming RPG, you pre-ordered a special edition via the Square Enix Store, you're going to need to confirm your order if you[...]
"Final Fantasy VII Remake" Just Got a Last-Minute Delay
It looks like the Final Fantasy VII Remake is no longer releasing that month. In a statement posted to the official Final Fantasy VII Remake Twitter account, the new release date of April 10 was announced by producer Yoshinori Kitase. A message from the #FinalFantasy VII Remake development team #FF7R — FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE (@finalfantasyvii) January[...]
Those of you looking to get Final Fantasy VII Remake will need to clear out a ton of space or buy a new storage device One of the biggest questions that had yet to be introduced by Square Enix in terms of the game was the amount of space it would be taking up Especially[...]
Brittany's Most Anticipated Games of 2020:
Credit: Square Enix Out of all the games set to debut in 2020, it's safe to say I'm most interested in getting Final Fantasy VII Remake I can't think of any other game that made tears stream down my cheeks the moment it was announced You may laugh, or call me a fangirl, but I absolutely[...]
A few days ago we told you about the leak of a Final Fantasy VII Remake demo, and today the intro to that demo has also been leaked No one seems to have any clue as to how this video came about, but it's been making the rounds today The video doesn't really show anything[...]
It looks like there may be a cool surprise on the way for Final Fantasy VII Remake fans as it appears Square Enix will be releasing a free demo A new listing has popped up on Gamstat, the wonderful website that managed to leak the Resident Evil 3 Remake reveal this year The listing, which[...]
Square Enix has released a new set of screenshots from Final Fantasy VII Remake this week, including a couple of iconic images from the game The images don't really show off anything from gameplay, a lot of them are from the cutscenes in the game showing off some familiar faces The two that stand out[...]
"Final Fantasy VII Remake" Gets A New Trailer At The Game Awards
Tonight at The Game Awards, Square Enix showed off a brand new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake, featuring a lot more about the story This time around we get a lot more dialog from the character as we get to hear some of the most iconic lines from the game being spoken by the[...]