The Final Fantasy VII Remake Changes Cloud's Design to be Closer to the Original

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Changes Cloud's Design to be Closer to the Original

Those who attended the Final Fantasy series' 30th anniversary exhibition got a first look at new screenshots for Final Fantasy VII Remakealong with a surprise appearance from director Tetsuya NomuraSiliconera reports that while the screenshots were shown behind closed doors exclusively for attendees of the event, fans did share some details of what they saw.

According to some of the fans in attendance, there's been a change made to Cloud's design. According to development leader Naoki Hamaguchi, this new design was said to have finally got the go-ahead from director Tetsuya Nomura. While it's been a struggle for the team, the hard work appears to have paid off as Nomura went as far as acknowledging it as "the closest one to the original up until now."

A fan described Cloud's new design as a more natural look, which doesn't really sound like it's "closest to the original", but we'll take Nomura's word for it. Nomura and Hamaguchi mentioned that "while Cloud may look this way, he was a dork. I believe those of you who played the the original would understand what I mean by saying he's a dorky character." A more accurate assessment of FFVII's Cloud Strife we have yet to hear. That said, we'll be seeing more of the youthful, dorky side of Cloud rather than the stoic serious version we've seen become familiar with thanks to Advent Children and the Kingdom Hearts games.

The four screenshots also showed other members of AVALANCHE, and one fan described Biggs as "super handsome," Wedge as "refreshingly chubby," and Jessie as "cute!" You may recall that Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie are frequently recurring Final Fantasy characters, most often appearing as engineers, though their FFVII versions are arguably the most famous.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, it looks like we won't be seeing those screenshots anytime soon, as Square Enix plans to release the shots after a significant delay. So we'll have to wait a bit to see how Cloud's character design has changed.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently in development for the PlayStation 4 with a tentative release window release this year.

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