Naoki Hamaguchi Announced as Final Fantasy VII Remake Co-Director

Final Fantasy VII Remake
credit// Square Enix

Progress is still being made on the Final Fantasy VII Remake, though as usual we can only make assumptions based on small clues. The latest development update comes from the Square Enix website, which now lists Naoki Hamaguchi as the game's director alongside Tetsuya Nomura.

From WWG:

While a good portion of people are pulling pranks on one another, April 1st also happens to be the start of the fiscal year, which means more and more companies are beginning to recruit new employees. Naoki Hamaguchi is one such employee who already held a rather important title on the Final Fantasy VIIremake team as the project lead.

However, now that Square Enix has updated their website to reflect some recent changes, it looks like Hamaguchi has been named the new co-director of the remake, joining Tetsuya Nomura, who was already the director.

As WWG points out, we don't really know what Hamaguchi's promotion means for the game's development cycle. Except that the team is still working on the game. With Kingdom Hearts III shipped, its possible we may hear more at E3, although I wouldn't quote me on that if I were you. The Final Fantasy VII Remake has been highly anticipated by fans, but the project is a massive undertaking. So there may not be much to show at E3.

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