Don't Get Too Hyped For Kingdom Hearts 3 or The FFVII Remake, They Won't Be Here For A While


Before you get too excited about seeing Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy VII Remake leave development hell anytime soon, both KH 3 and the FF VII remake are set to release "in the next three years or so," according to Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda.

This timeframe fits in line with what we learned during Square Enix's end of year results report, which had the games slated as Fiscal Year 2018 or later releases, and it also falls in line with what the games director Tetsuya Nomura has previous expressed, that both games "still have a way to go."

Given that both games are in development by Nomura, and given Square Enix's habit of delaying their major releases, sometimes for years, I'm banking on us seeing both KH3 and the FFVII remake sometime around 2020 instead of in 2018. I'd also bank on seeing KH3 sooner than the VII remake.

Especially when you consider that Nomura revealed that Square Enix is 'urgently' recruiting people for the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Really inspires confidence, doesn't it?

Nomura may have unveiled new Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots earlier this year, but other than that both Nomura and Square Enix have been pretty quiet on both projects. Which makes sense if they're still early in development stages.

Just given what we know about those projects, honestly, it feels like we're just never going to get them.

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