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God Saves Wally West's Son & Gives Him A Flash-Style Superhero Name
Mostly that has involved characters such as The Phanom Stranger meant to be a revived Judas Iscariot, Zauriel the Archangel or The Spectre, a cosmic being who was originally a policeman murdered by criminals, returned to life by The Voice as The Spectre with a mission to eliminate evil, gaining in power over the decades,[...]
Welcome to Saturday Night Previews, where we attach snarky headlines to previews of next week's comics and call it "journalism." Irey West and Maxine Baker have been kidnapped in this preview of The Flash #778, but don't worry… Jai is on the case Check out the preview below. FLASH #778 DC Comics 1121DC101 1121DC102 – FLASH #778 CVR B[...]
legends of tomorrow
As much as The CW's DC's Legends of Tomorrow is no slouch in the time-traveling department, no one in the Arrowverse tops The Flash when it comes to the "timey-wimey" stuff But even with that said, we were pleasantly surprised to learn from the episode overview for February 2nd's S07E11 "Rage Against the Machines" that Matt[...]
Flash #776 Review: Subpar
Borrowing a literal page from Dora The Explorer, The Flash #776 seeks to rely on the reader's input in a much less engaging way than a Choose Your Own Adventure book Along the way, this calls for a less than robust plot limited by its shtick and subpar in the final analysis. The Flash #776 Cover[...]
Flash #776 Is The Comic That Tells You What To Do
In any order we wish. It's a lesson that today's Flash #776 has taken to heart, reversing the direction of travel In a nod to the classic Animal Man #19 (itself a nod to Bryan Talbot's Brainstorm), Doctor Fate makes an appeal to the most powerful beings in creation Us. There have been a few other good[...]
The Flash "Armageddon" Part 2 Preview: Iris Knows Barry's True Destiny
This week, some quality one-on-one time with Cress Williams' Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning might just be the very thing he needs as we take a look at The CW's The Flash. Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved And we start to get a sense of just how bad[...]
In this preview of The Flash #776, Doctor Fate reveals to the Flash that he's inside a comic book Read it below. FLASH #776 DC Comics 0921DC182 0921DC183 – FLASH #776 CVR B JORGE CORONA & IVAN PLASCENCIA CARD STOCK VAR – $4.99 (W) Jeremy Adams (A) Fernando Pasarin (CA) Brandon Peterson Doctor Fate arrives to whisk the Flash away to[...]
Flash #775 Review: Ended Poorly
If you ever found Naruto annoying and tedious, The Flash #775 gives you a chance to find Wally West even less charming and more grating With guest appearances from Superman, Mister Terrific, and a big bad menacing the televised Stargirl — which all sounds like it'd be a big deal, but it's not — this issue[...]
Flash Comics #5, DC Comics 1940.
I'm a complete sucker for vintage collectible comics that have storylines about the concept of collecting itself, and Flash Comics #5 is a fun example of that.  The Flash story written by Gardner Fox and drawn by Everett E Hibbard gets straight to the point:  the Flash rescues a painter from the middle of the[...]
The Flash #775 is in stores from DC Comics on Tuesday, and in this preview, we find Superman trying… and failing… to remove a glaive from the middle of Central City Superman isn't used to being unable to lift things, but that's no excuse for snapping at The Flash like he does Besides, Superman, this[...]
DC's Stargirl S02E10 Review: Wait, The Shade's Been Lying All Along?
After last week's tension-filled, flashback-ladened episode revealed the dark truth about how the JSA originally defeated Eclipso, Courtney (Brec Bassinger) is struggling to accept that Pat (Luke Wilson) and Barb (Amy Smart) have been covering up the ugly truth about how the JSA originally beat Eclipso (Nick Tarabay) Meanwhile, now that Beth (Anjelika Washington) has[...]
There Will Be Fewer Flash #775 Than Ordered
DC Comics has informed comic book retailers that The Flash #775, out next week, will be allocated, due to a printing error That shops will receive fewer copies than they ordered And they are urged to contact Lunar Distribution for further details as to how it will affect comic book stores Bleeding Cool has previously[...]
Reverse Flash Races His Way into McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse
Coming back from the 25th Century, Eobard Thawne is ready to kill Flash at all cost once again as the Reverse Flash Coming in at 7" tall, the evil speedster is packed with a great sculpt, and his yellow costume is popping Reverse Flash comes with a big set of speedster accessories with attachment red[...]
A Brand New DC Comics Multiverse For 2022 (Infinite Frontier #6 Spoilers)
But Pariah also sets up a new home for The Flash. Infinite Frontier #6 Totally deconstructing and reconstructing Barry Allen for a brand new reality under Pariah's watch. Infinite Frontier #6 Earth Flash 1 With all the Flashes, families and kids living together in the 1950s Does every DC Comics character (apart from Cyborg) get their own Earth now?[...]
Animated Wally West Flash Coming Soon From McFarlane Toys
Wally West is back as the Flash once again as McFarlane Toys takes fans back to classic DC Animated days From Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, the Scarlet Speedster comes to life once again with a brand new 7" figure This marks the third Flash figure to come out of McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse[...]