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Rick and Morty, The Bear, Yellowjackets & More Twisted "Yule Logs"
We're looking at Showtime's Yellowjackets, Disney+'s The Mandalorian, Apple TV+'s Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock, SYFY & USA Network's Chucky, Adult Swim's Rick and Morty, FXX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Paramount+'s Mike Judge's Beavis and Butt-Head, AMC's Interview with the Vampire, FX's The Bear, and Nickelodeon… oh, and then there's Adult Swim Yule[...]
Apple TV's First Look Trailer Of Fraggle Rock: Back To The Rock
Apple TV+ today announced that the Emmy Award-winning series Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock, the reboot of Jim Henson's beloved classic Fraggle Rock (we're big fans here), has been renewed for a second season and has begun production in Calgary, Canada Tony & Grammy Award winner & Emmy Award nominee Daveed Diggs (Hamilton) returns[...]
Boss Fight Studio Announces the Debut of  Fraggle Rock Figures
Coming straight to the 80s, Fraggle Rock is back and in glorious action figure form The hit TV series lived between 1983 and 1987 and featured the iconic work of the puppet master himself, Jim Henson Fraggle Rock dwellers lived in peace in underground caves, singing, dancing, and giving out important life lessons.  Fraggle Rock is[...]
Apple TV's First Look Trailer Of Fraggle Rock: Back To The Rock
A  first look at the upcoming Apple TV+ series, Fraggle Rock: Back To The Rock, has arrived full of nostalgia and a behind-the-scenes tour of how these favorite creatures from outer space are able to make their return The bright and colorful world so many remember watching years ago has returned, along with a cast[...]
Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock to Help Open 2022 for AppleTV+
Jim Henson's most popular subterranean muppets are going to help kick off 2022 for AppleTV+ in Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock releasing their latest trailer featuring their opening theme Before you ask, no they're not trapped at Alcatraz, nor do we know if Dwayne Johnson is involved in any capacity Set to premiere on[...]
Fraggle Rock: Rock On! airs every Tuesday. Image Courtesy of Apple TV+
Worry's for another day as Apple TV+ sets to launch Fraggle Rock: Rock On!, a series of new, original mini-episodes Created by Jim Henson, Fraggle Rock premiered in 1983 running five seasons on HBO The series took place in a subterranean world full of colorful characters including Doc, Sprocket the Dog, Boober, Gobo, Red, Mokey,[...]
Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of May 9th, 2018: No Justice and Freddy's Dead
In this issue we finally find Sylvia, Anna's beloved, but can Anna and Coyote Bones save Sylvia? Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock #1 cover by Jared Cullum Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock #1 Boom! Studios celebrates Fraggle Rock's 35th Anniversary with new story by Jared Cullum in watercolor If you're interested in reading some new Fraggle Rock material, this one looks like it will be worth[...]
boom! studios may 2018 solicits
Lumberjanes reaches a landmark 50th issue! Return to Fraggle Rock with Jared Cullum It's the Beginning of the End for Adventure Time. Kong: Skull Island gets a 2018 Special Also, color your own Dark Crystal! These are provided by Boom! Studios this May Details below.   CODA #1 Publisher: BOOM! Studios Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: Simon Spurrier Artist: Matías Bergara Wraparound Main Cover A: Matías Bergara Intermix Cover B: Jae Lee Incentive Cover C: Jeff Stokely Simon[...]
Fraggle Rock comic
BOOM! Studios has announced a new Fraggle Rock mini-series from their Archaia imprint, eponymously titled Fraggle Rock The release commemorates the 35th anniversary of the show, and features "all-new stand-alone adventures, each by distinct creative voices and presented in an 8" x 8" format perfect for longtime fans to share with the next generation." The[...]
fraggle rock missing episodes
Jim Henson's TV series Fraggle Rock was remarkable in that it created international co-productions localised to different territories — which means that different countries got different versions of "outer space", the world above Fraggle Rock. So while Americans got 96 episodes knowing that Fraggle Rock joined onto a small hole in the wall of the workshop of an eccentric inventor[...]
Fraggle Rock Funko Pops Push The Nostalgia Button
Fraggle Rock holds a special place in people's hearts Especially people who grew up in the 1980's It is actually pretty adorable how much people enjoy that show In recent years we have gotten comics, action figures, and other various pieces of merchandise I was actually shocked that there was not already Funko Pops in[...]
Waterless Fraggles? It's Fraggle Rock: Journey To The Everspring This August
I'm pretty excited to share with you that you'll be able to read her awesome writing in Archaia's Fraggle Rock: Journey to the Everspring in a beautiful hardcover this August From what I've seen of the book, Jack Myler (Orphan Blade) accompanies her scripts with a whimsical, bright style Did you know that Archaia's Fraggle[...]
63 Thoughts About 62 Of Today's Comics – Prometheus, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Batgirl, Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn, Lady Demon, Copperhead, Charmed, Spider-Verse Team Up, Spider-Man, Supreme, Bitch Planet, Spider-Man & The X-Men, Skylanders, My Little Pony, Mercy Thompson, Fraggle Rock, Little Nemo, Peter Panzerfaust, Empty Man, Crossed Badlands, Wild Ones, God Is Dead, Earth 2, Batman Eternal, Thor, Avengers World, Carnage, Constantine, Amazing X-Men, Rocket Raccoon, Winterworld, Futures End, Alice Cooper, Shutter,  Magdalena, The Valiant, Princess Ugg, Helheim, V-Wars, TMNT, Angry Brids, Angry Birds Vs Transformers, Transformers, Bravest Warriors, Regular Show, Star Trek, Samurai Jack, October Faction, Suicide Risk, Maxx, D&D, 7th Sword, Hexed, Sirens, Eternal, Thomas Alsop, Deep State, Solar, Flash Gordon,  Ex-Con and John Carter
Or self restraint.   Mercy Thompson #3 also learns the power of food to compel. And there is no self restraint present in Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock: Journey to the Everspring. Little Nemo #3 has a better understanding of such dangers… though substituting tobacco for sugar only opens a whole host of worms Gummy fruit flavoured worms. Though Peter Panzerfaust would[...]
BC Mag #2: Henson Now And Then
Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Brendon Connelly For Jim Henson fans, 2013 will be their Rainbow Connection, as all three of Henson’s most treasured
Are You British? Did You Tape Any Episodes Of Fraggle Rock On VHS? Do They Still Exist?
Fraggle Rock was a very interesting televisual creation from Jim Henson Coming up to an anniversary however, there's something missing. Unbeknownst to many viewers, the bits of the show that they saw above the Rock differed from country to country The USA got Doc, his workshop and Sprocket… While the UK got The Captain, his lighthouse and[...]