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Source Point Press Drops Frank Gogol During Legal Proceedings
Over the weekend, Bleeding Cool reported on comic book writer Frank Gogol's public statements about his defamation case against comic creator Malissa White Source Point Press, the publisher of Gogol's new comic book Unborn, has tweeted out that they have chosen to suspend projects with Frank Gogol while legal proceedings are underway. Originally White posted allegations[...]
Frank Gogol Tweets About His Defamation Case Against Malissa White
A few months ago, comic book creator Malissa White posted several allegations against comic book writer Frank Gogol, that he used a racial slur against her in a New York Comic Con-related bar in 2018 Frank Gogol posted an apology at the time, though he denied he had used any such slur Subsequently, Boom Studios dropped[...]
Unborn #1 Set to Be Frank Gogol’s Biggest Debut Comic Book
Unborn #1, an Alien-meets-Power-Rangers sci-fi/horror series coming from writer Frank Gogol and artist EV Cantada with Source Point Press, is set to release at the end of the month, and the series seems poised to be the young creators biggest book yet It will also be featured on the 4-Day Pro Pass badges for New[...]
Frank Gogol Challenged Over Alleged Barcon Racial Slur
But here we go: Frank Gogol called me a racial slur at 2018 NYCC Barcon The experience was among many of negative experiences at Barcons At the time, I was told that he was a "big deal" in comics by our mutual friend He knew some powerful people I was legitimately scared to tell this[...]
Cover image for UNBORN #1 CVR B RAGAZZONI (MR)
Frank Gogol writes for  Power Rangers Universe: Edge of Darkness, as well as Dead End Kids, GRIEF and No Heroine from Source Point Press In September the two come together with Unborn,.described as Aliens-meets-Power-Rangers Written by Gogol, drawn by Ev Cantada, published by Source Point Here's a look at Unborn and everything else Source Point Press[...]
Help – A Comic Book Kickstarter To Benefit The Hero Initiative
Conrad, Gab Contreras, Joe Cooper, Joe Corallo, Alex Cormack, Jorge Corona, Marcelo Costa, CRANK!, Frank Cvetkovic, Nenad Cviticanin, Tony Donley, Siike Donnelly, Rich Douek, Dave Dwonch, Matt Emmons, Taylor Esposito, Scott Ewen, Eduardo Ferigato, Nick Filardi, Bob Fingerman, Tony Fleecs, Michael Jan Friedman, Antonio Fuso, Alfie Gallagher, Dillon Gemmill, Kieron Gillen, Sina Grace, Frank Gogol,[...]
Dead End Kid: The Suburban Job #2 Sells Out Now, Still No Word Second Printings
Back in January, Bleeding Cool reported that Dead End Kids: The Suburban Job #1 from No Heroine writer Frank Gogol and Source Point Press had sold out two weeks ahead of release Now it looks as if the series second issue has sold out four weeks ahead of its release. screencap, from Frank Gogol. Gogol launched his[...]
Dead End Kids: The Suburban Job #1 Sells Out Before Going On Sale
Dead End Kids: The Suburban Job #1 from No Heroine writer Frank Gogol has sold out at Diamond Comic Distributors a full ten days ahead of its 27th of January release The Suburban Job joins 2019's Dead End Kids and last year's No Heroine as series that have sold out their first issues ahead of release — giving[...]
Details For Dead End Kids Sequel, The Suburban Job
Hot on the heels of this summer's hit series No Heroine, writer Frank Gogol is launching a follow-up series to his 2019 indie hit Dead End Kids — Dead End Kids: The Suburban Job The new series takes a True Detective-style approach with a new cast and a new crime — this time focusing on[...]
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The second issue of red-hot Source Point Press series No Heroine from writer Frank Gogol has sold out a full three weeks ahead of its August 26th release No Heroine #1 previously sold out two weeks before its release and it was recently announced to be getting a second printing exclusive available through Corner Box. During[...]
No Heroine #1 Rush To Second Printing, Available Through Corner Box Only
No Heroine #1 Rush To Second Printing, Only Through Corner Box. No Heroine #1 — from Dead End Kids writer Frank Gogol — is being rushed back to print after selling out two weeks ahead of its release tomorrow The second printing will be available for preorder exclusively through Corner Box. The second printing of No Heroine[...]
Peach Momoko No Heroine Sketch Variant Sets for Charity
Dead End Kids writer Frank Gogol, Source Point Press and Hive Comics have teamed to offer a set of sketch variant covers for his series No Heroine featuring artwork by red-hot artist Peach Momoko, with half the proceeds benefiting charities. Peach Momoko No Heroine Sketch Variant Sets for Charity. The set includes copies of No Heroine #1-3[...]
No Heroine #1 Variants Going for $100+ on eBay, Diamond Order Cutoff this Friday
Frank Gogol and Source Point Press made quite a splash with Dead End Kids, which saw individual issues of the series fetching quite a bit on the secondary market and the series selling out several print-runs Now Gogol's back with a new project, No Heroine, drawn by Criss Madd and Shawna Madd looks to be[...]