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As Book Sales Fall In France, Comics Sales Rise By Over 6%
However, comics and graphic novels beat the trend, with a rise in French sales of 6.3% and jumping from the sixth most popular category in print publishing in France to the fifth, with a turnover of 326.9 million euros in 2020 (387 million dollars). This was despite 2020 being a year without a new Asterix volume,[...]
This is a sizable number of people, as Lupin is already Netflix's biggest French-language series ever and one of the first must-watch shows of 2021. And today, finally, after weeks of teasing, Netflix finally gave us both a trailer and confirmed the release date- with the series set to return on June 11 Netflix originally trolled fans on Twitter[...]
On Wednesday, Netflix announced that it would be teaming with Hachette's Les Editions Albert René and playwright/showrunner Alain Chabat (Mission Cléopâtre) to create the first-ever animated limited series based on the iconic French comic book The Adventures of Asterix Set for 2023, the 3D-animated series will be produced in France and be based on Asterix[...]
Lupin is Must-See 21st Century Reimagining of Gentleman Thief Caper TV
More episodes of Netflix's Lupin are on their way! The Omar Sy led gentleman thief drama is already Netflix's biggest French-language series ever and one of the first must-watch shows of 2021 But the fifth episode ends on a cliffhanger, leaving fans desperate to find out what happens next Netflix has answered, tweeting today a[...]
Black Spot: Amazon Prime Acquires French Drama-Thriller Series
Groupe AB's Black Spot (Zone Blanche) is set to mark Amazon Prime Video's first foray into globally streaming French television programming, with word on Monday that the streaming service has acquired rights to the French drama-thriller Directed by Thierry Poiraud and Julien Despaux and created by Mathieu Missoffe, the series premiered at the Berlin Film[...]
French Comics And Graphic Novels Highlighted At New York Comic Con 2017
Rosilyne Bean reporting from NYCC for Bleeding Cool: The French Comics Association held their 'French Comics Kiss Better' panel yesterday for NYCC at the New York Public Library Five french artists took the stage to discuss their work and alert fans to upcoming titles. Penelope Bagieu is known for her graphic novel work Josephine, or more recently[...]
Airborne 44 To Be Published In English And French For D-Day Anniversary
French comics publisher Casterman is to simultaneously release the next volume of one of its biggest hit comics in May. Airborne 44 by Philippe Jarbinet is a war comic set in World War II and very successful series in the French market 'No Way Out' is the brand new fifth album in the series but can[...]
Popeye The Public Domain Man
In the European Union, Popeye went into the public domain back in 2009, but not in the US It seems to be down to Popeye being labelled work for hire in
Humberto Ramos' French Fairy Quest
But they want to make some serious money, so now it's being published in French from Glenat in April Here is the planned Humberto Ramos cover for the French edition. Humberto Ramos And Paul Jenkins' Fairy Quest was an amazing comic when published originally last year (I'm reading it with Eve for the third time[...]