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Scream TV Spot Debuts A Metal Ghostface Mask
Scream releases in a little over a month, and a new TV spot for the film debuted online this morning and features a first look at a new metallic Ghostface mask The mask debuts in a quick scene of the killer using a flamethrower to BBQ a victim You read that right The last week[...]
Jenny Ortega Talks Scream 5 and the Secrecy Surround Filming
Every slight tease at Scream 5 is only feeding the Scream fandom, and this time around, we're left wondering just what mask Ghostface will be donning in the next film. Since the original film, the Scream mask's evolution has resulted in slightly tweaked variations of the killer's mask — though clearly very subtle considering the color[...]
Sideshow Wants to Give Your Collection a Scream with Ghostface
Just in time for the spooky season, Sideshow Collectibles has announced the resurrection of the Scream killer Ghostface This iconic killer steps outside the box to give victims a little dash of truth outside the classic rules of horror This 12" tall figure will feature a fabric outfit and multiple accessories perfect to get any[...]
NECA Debuts Two New Ghostface FIgures From Scream Franchise
One of the most requested figures for horror toymaker NECA, Ghostface is getting not one, but two new figures While the cloth version was already known, we are also getting an Ultimate edition and a ridiculously awesome Toony Terror figure as well These were revealed today by NECA as they have been all week on[...]
'Scream 5': Film Coming Soon From 'Ready of Not' Directors *RUMOR*
Who knows? All we know for now is that there seems to be movement on Ghostface making a return to the big screen. Are you excited for Scream 5? Let us know below. UPDATE: Now confirmed by Variety, Hollywood Reporter, and more. First seen on Discussing Film Scream 5 has reportedly found its directors Ready or Not filmmakers[...]