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Zenni Launches New Gamer Eyewear With CoD League's Clayster
We got a couple quotes about the partnership from this morning's reveal as these are currently on sale for you now. A look at Clayster wearing his own pair of gamer glasses, courtesy of Zenni. "I have worn glasses most of my life, so when Zenni approached me to join forces, it was a no-brainer," said Clayster[...]
Razer Launches A New Lifestyle Item With The Anzu Smart Glasses
Razer has launched a brand new accessory today as they unveiled a new pair of smart glasses which they're branding the Anzu These aren't your average pair as the company has combined two forms of protection with 35% blue light filtering lenses and 99% UVA/UVB protective polarized sunglasses Along with some fun electronics added as[...]
The Bleeding Cool Review Of The Avengers In 3D
Where we got Iron Man and Hulk-themed 3D glasses They are totally going on eBay. Ours was a rather short journey Marvel Studios have been on it for years On the bus to the cinema I loaded up a few YouTube-sourced cameos from previous movies, to give us both a quick refresher course Seeing Iron Man[...]
The Justice League Of Pint Glasses
Put it this way. If you're spending all your timein a watchtower on the Moon, you're going to want a drink. But how to you solve superhero squabbles over