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This Weekend In Brooklyn: Don't Miss 300 Artists At The Gowanus Open Studios Event
Included in that is my haunt, Hang Dai Studios, featuring Dean Haspiel, Gregory Benton, Christa Cassano, Joe Infurnari, Swifty Lang, Jonathan Allen, and more, but other studios in the building are also full of cartoonists like Drawbridge with the great Simon Fraser and Ellen Lindner and the same building is home to indie publisher So[...]
Breaking: Hang Dai Editions Universe Implodes In 'Fade To Whack: Fart In A Windstorm'
THIS is the comic book event of the hour. The Hang Dai Universe as you never knew it will always be the same. And the image that accompanied the statement illustrated the catastrophic development: The source of this transmission was Hang Dai Studios in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Bleeding Cool received a strangely urgent missive tonight in the wake of[...]
Why The Grand Comics Fest In Brooklyn Ensures The Survival Of Comics
Both are members of Hang Dai Studios in neighboring Gowanus, Brooklyn. To their left was another major player in the New York-based comics scene and School of Visual Arts faculty member Nick Bertozzi, whose new graphic novel Shackleton, is poised for release from First: Second. [Bertozzi examines a mysteriously massive and reputedly very expensive fold-out comic by[...]
Hang Dai Studios Announces MoCCA Fest Anthology Debut – Plus Preview
The Brooklyn-based Hang Dai Studios has announced a whopping 48-page anthology release for April's New York held MoCCA Fest, hub of indie comics and small press projects The comics included in the anthology, Hang Dai Studios Comix, have never been seen in print previously, with only a few appearing as web comics projects over the[...]
Hanging At Hang Dai Studios + ART
Hannah Means-Shannon, our senior New York correspondent, writes; Hang Dai Studios is a collective of artists and writers working in several media forms, but primarily in comics The members include Dean Haspiel (Billy Dogma), Seth Kushner (Leaping Tall Buildings), Shiraj Ganguly (working on his 3D modelling portfolio currently), Christa Cassano (Breakers contributor), Jess Ruliffson (comics media[...]