We Review The Tres Comas Tequila From Silicon Valley

On occasion, we get a chance to drink some beer or spirits from HBO, mostly Game Of Thrones, but today we got a taste of Silicon Valley As we all know, there are three commas in a billion dollars, so if you're going to act like a billionaire you might as well drink like one,[...]

Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen (Image: HBO).

Watchmen, WWE/AEW, TWD, Drew Brees, HBO Max & More: BCTV Sunday Slice

HBO Max, Batwoman, Drew Brees, Nickelodeon, Glee, and Looney Tunes Cartoons are also in the mix, so let's get started One quick note: my plan is to start off these visits with something a little more light-hearted and end them with a section we're starting next week called "Extra Cheese." But for this week, in[...]

"The Last Of Us Part II" Director Makes A Promise To Fans

The Last of Us EP Johan Renck on HBO Series Adapt, Will Direct Pilot

In the three months since Chernobyl writer Craig Mazin and game writer/creative director Neil Druckmann announced they were developing video game franchise The Last of Us as a live-action series adaptation for HBO, fans have been clamoring for details on what they can expect Thankfully, Mazin's award-winning Chernobyl director Johan Renck was kind enough to offer a[...]

Watchmen: Damon Lindelof Know What His Episode 10 Title Would Be

With the killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers and the subsequent global protest that resulted against police brutality in the Black community, Lindelof found himself facing a society that's eerily mirroring many aspects and themes of his series (especially with COVID-19 masks in play).[caption id="attachment_1216975" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Regina King as[...]

Perry Mason: HBO Releases Episode Overviews for Matthew Rhys Series

With HBO and executive producer Robert Downey, Jr.'s Perry Mason ready to take what could be the case of his life when the series premieres on June 21, viewers are getting a look at what the series has in store with the release of overviews of the first four episodes Written by showrunners Rolin Jones and Ron[...]

Lovecraft Country: Official Teaser | HBO

Lovecraft Country Teaser Shows Stories Can Be Deadly, Living Things

With a little more than two months still to go before HBO unleashes its upcoming thriller-drama Lovecraft Country, the cable giant is offering a fresh look at the eagerly-anticipated series Adapted from Matt Ruff's 2016 novel of the same name by showrunner/EP Misha Green (Underground), EP Jordan Peele (Get Out), and EP J.J Abrams, Lovecraft Country[...]

Lady Trieu and Adrian Vedit meet on Watchmen, courtesy of HBO.

Watchmen: Nicole Kassell on Why It Takes Villains to Take Out Villains

Currently streaming on HBO Max and set to hit Blu-ray and DVD on June 2, Watchmen offered the fine folks at SYFY Wire an exclusive clip from a behind-the-scenes featurette focusing on two of the universe's "big bads": Adrian Veidt aka Ozymandias (Jeremy Irons) and Lady Trieu (Hong Chau) Executive producer and director Nicole Kassell[...]

Doctor Who is now streaming on HBO Max, image courtesy of BBC America.

Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures All Have HBO Max Homes

Here’s another thing HBO Max somehow forgot (or decided not) to tell us about: they now have Doctor Who, Torchwood, and The Sarah Jane Adventures That’s the entire collection of the revived show, from the 2005 first series starring Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor to the 2018 11th series that introduced Jodie Whittaker as[...]

Watchmen: Damon Lindelof Helps HBO Max with Big Blue Rhyme for Bilbo

Of course, it helps when some of his recent posts combined Watchmen with our new streaming fave (and hopefully, new Lindelof home) HBO Max.[caption id="attachment_1214292" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Jean Smart as Agent Blake in Watchmen, courtesy of HBO.[/caption]In the first post, he plays the role of hype man for Regina King's Sister Night and we agree:[...]

Perry Mason: Official Trailer | HBO

Perry Mason Official Trailer Proves He's The Only Person For This Job

With less than a month to go before HBO and executive producer Robert Downey, Jr.'s Perry Mason premieres on June 21, viewers are being treated to the official trailer for the limited series Written by showrunners Rolin Jones and Ron Fitzgerald and based on Erle Stanley Gardner's word, the limited series follows the origins of one of fiction's[...]

All Eight Harry Potter Movies Are On HBO Max Right Now

All Eight Harry Potter Movies Are On HBO Max Right Now

Harry Potter fans rejoice: all eight films of the epic series are available to stream right now on HBO Max The service launched today, and after some initial confusion based on comments by HBO Max Chief Content Officer Kevin Reilly, the films are viewable today The Sorcerer's Stone, The Chamber of Secrets, The Prisoner of[...]

Angela takes that next step on Watchmen, courtesy of HBO.

Watchmen Creator Damon Lindelof Keeps Kicking Us in Our Season 2 Feels

This would be part of a massive DC Comics-based initiative tied into the launch of streaming service HBO Max This would be a part of a studio "umbrella" that would include Zack Snyder's potential limited series cut of Justice League and J.J Abrams' upcoming DC work (as well as other projects), and all of this[...]

Tweety looks to stay one paw ahead of Sylvester in Looney Tunes Cartoons, courtesy of HBO Max.

Looney Tunes Cartoons Hosts Saturday Morning Watch-Along Preview

With Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and the rest of the Looney Tunes gang set to come stumbling-and-bumbling their way back onto our screens with all-new anarchy starting May 27, WarnerMedia's HBO Max wants to makes doubly sure you have your eyeballs glued to the all-new animated shorts Produced by Warner Bros Animation, and executive produced[...]

HBO Max – WarnerMedia’s New Streaming Service (Official Promo) | WarnerMedia

Here Is Everything Coming To HBO Max In June

HBO Max launches next week, and while the streamers most anticipated release won't be here until 2021, there are still plenty of things you will be able to watch at launch Today we have a list of everything that will hit the service starting in June Movie adds include the Doctor Sleep Director's Cut, Dune,[...]

Matthew Rhys stars as Perry Mason, courtesy of HBO.

Perry Mason Preview Included in HBO's What's New in June 2020 Clip

On June 21, HBO and executive producer Robert Downey, Jr are set to premiere Perry Mason, one of two series that we've been looking forward to from the cable giant (with Lovecraft Country being the other) Now, viewers are getting a new look at the series in the following "What New in June 2020" teaser (starting at[...]

HBO's John Oliver Shoots on WWE for Filming During Pandemic

HBO Late-Night Host John Oliver Shoots on WWE for Pandemic Filming

A transcription of the segment from 411 Wrestling goes into detail:[caption id="attachment_1208309" align="aligncenter" width="600"] HBO's John Oliver Shoots on WWE for Filming During Pandemic[/caption] The state of Florida earlier on designated professional sports and media production with a national audience as essential service so long as it’s closed to the general public[...]

Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen (Image: HBO).

Watchmen: Damon Lindelof "Profoundly Grateful" for Series' Peabody Nom

While most of us are still riding waves of hope that WarnerMedia and series creator Damon Lindelof announce a deal for more Watchmen via HBO Max through an FX/Fargo-like deal (same universe but not necessarily a direct sequel), let's not forget that the original (first of more than one season?) is still receiving well-deserved honors[...]

We take a look at what the future holds for Westworld, courtesy of HBO.

Westworld Season 4: Looking Ahead to What the Future Might Hold

HBO's Westworld season three is officially over, and it was exciting, but where does that leave us going forward? We know that season four will happen, and we also know that despite what it may look like, Evan Rachel Wood will still be on the show But beyond that? It's a world full of speculation[...]

Westworld takes viewers behind the scenes, courtesy of HBO.

Westworld Offers Viewers Season 3 Finale Behind the Scenes Look

HBO really outdid themselves production-wise with this whole season; it wraps the story up nicely and does so while serving the aesthetics and world so beautifully Speaking of beauty, behind the scenes of this show is just as breathtaking as what we see on camera, as shown by the behind-the-scenes featurettes we have been getting[...]