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A look at Paragon (Image: Pikchure Zero Entertainment)
While we're not sure what happened to the baby, we do know what happened to the series: it released a teaser trailer for the seven-episode season where the human race faces a world where Heaven's died and only a small aspect of an Afterlife remains- with everyone (even Death) fighting to claim the Elysian. A look[...]
A look at Lucifer season 4 (Image: Netflix)
Woodside) give birth to a baby angel and Heaven plans to steal him Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) continues to be a lost soul/part-time godmother for Little Charlie Dan (Kevin Alejandro) starts to get over the death of his girlfriend and finds an unconventional new love interest, yuk, those two definitely don't vibe well together, it almost[...]
Lucifer and Chloe in the season 3 finale (Image: FOX/Netflix)
Amenadiel gets his wings back to deliver her to Heaven. Pierce drops a bomb: he is none other than the immortal Cain After murdering his brother, Amenadiel marked him to walk the world forever Lucifer works with him to remove his mark, make him human, and… well… kill him An awesome fight between Amenadiel and Cain[...]
A look at Lucifer season 2 (Image: FOXTV)
Lucifer has no choice but to send his mother with the help of The Flaming Sword not to heaven as she planned but to another dimension. Probably one of the most depressing episodes is when Lucifer runs off to Vegas to get married while Chloe is on the verge of being honest with her love for[...]
But as she struggles to understand and control her newly-discovered powers, forces from both Heaven and Hell will do their best to control her But as you're about to see in the following teaser, Ava has no intention of sitting idly by She's ready to bring out the big "nuns":  Created by series showrunner Barry, Netflix's[...]