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I May Destroy You Gives Television Its First Watchmen
This article below originally ran over a year ago, celebrating the launch of I May Destroy You, Michaela Coel's BBC TV drama that focused on sexual assault, but also reinvented the television drama, in much the same way that Watchmen did the superhero comic book thirty-five years ago I described I May Destroy You as[...]
doctor who
One name that has been getting a ton of buzz is award-winning I May Destroy You writer, director & star Michaela Coel– a name that Bleeding Cool has also considered and debated but to be clear? Those debates were whether or not the BBC could afford them, be flexible to their ever-increasing list of projects,[...]
Doctor Who: Michaela Coel Won’t be the Next Doctor - It Would be Cool
This is almost certainly not going to happen. Michaela Coel in "I May Destroy You", not "Doctor Who", still courtesy of BBC Studios If it does happen, it would be a big deal and make a big splash There's never been a star who also became a writer and showrunner of Doctor Who before It would only[...]
I May Destroy You Gives Television Its First Watchmen
I May Destroy You, written by, produced by, and starring Michaela Coel, broadcast by the BBC and HBO, was the best television series, by far, in 2020 Bleeding Cool called it television's first Watchmen, regarding the way it treated character, structure, and the medium of television itself Ostensibly about a blogger's struggle with a second[...]
#6 I May Destroy You/Schitt's Screek: Bleeding Cool TV Top 10 of 2020 (Image: HBO)
On Thursday, Lily Collins (Mank) and Daveed Diggs (Hamilton, Snowpiercer) took to Instagram Live to announce the nominations for this year's Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards- and guess what? Unlike the Golden Globes and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, SAG actually remembered that Michaela Coel and I May Destroy You actually exists In addition, Netflix's[...]
On Thursday, that role may have begun to be filled with Jay Lycurgo (The Batman, I May Destroy You) set to take on the recurring role of Tim Drake A streetwise kid who's managed to grow up on the toughest streets without losing his indelible belief in heroism, Tim's easy-going demeanor is backed up by[...]
#6 I May Destroy You/Schitt's Screek: Bleeding Cool TV Top 10 of 2020 (Image: HBO)
Another first this year is the recognition of quality television/streaming series in addition to its recognition of the best in film- and on Tuesday, Laverne Cox, Moonlight filmmaker Barry Jenkins, and actress-director Olivia Wilde announced who the inaugural nominees would be, and it turned into some good news for I May Destroy You, Unorthodox, and[...]
#6 I May Destroy You/Schitt's Creek: Bleeding Cool TV Top 10 of 2020 (Images: HBO/ViacomCBS)
With that in mind, we start with Bleeding Cool's Adi Tantimedh explaining why Michaela Coel's HBO and BBC One comedy-drama series I May Destroy You was more than deserving to make the list (followed by a look at the show it shares the #6 spot with, Schitt's Creek). #6 I May Destroy You/Schitt's Creek: Bleeding Cool[...]
The Boys is one show President Obama liked to watch in-between writing. (Images: NBC/Amazon Prime screencaps)
Increasing his list of television shows from last year's three to this year's ten, the President has recognized what many have- writing "Like everyone else, we were stuck inside a lot this year, and with streaming further blurring the lines between theatrical movies and television features, I've expanded the list to include visual storytelling that[...]
Billie Piper in "I Hate Suzie", HBO Max, Sky
The show fits in the new trend for shows created, written, and directed by women that show their flaws and messes in full glory to darkly comedic affect while highlighting the emotional, psychological, and sexual issues women face. Billie Piper in "I Hate Suzie", HBO Max, Sky It's up there with Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Fleabag and Michaela Cole's[...]
The countdown to The Umbrella Academy season 2 continues (Image: Netflix)
Whether it's the Talk Dead to Me podcast series or the "Who Is…?" comics/television series comparison video series, Skybound's been doing a really great job overall vibing with the fanbase in ways uniquely different than what we get from the AMC Networks accounts. The countdown to The Umbrella Academy season 2 continues (Image: Netflix) A perfect example[...]
On the HBO Originals front, shows like Insecure, Perry Mason, I'll Be Gone in the Dark, I May Destroy You, and others have also been showing impressive delayed viewing numbers through the streaming service In fact, the top 25 most viewed programs are a diverse mix of award-winning, culture-defining, and popular programming that include Max[...]
I May Destroy You Gives Television Its First Watchmen
I May Destroy You is a new twelve-part TV series written by and starring Michaela Coel from the BBC, with HBO buy-in It is sensational, is a remarkable achievement in television and, yes because this is Bleeding Cool, I am describing it as TV's first Watchmen Which for some may see as inappropriate, given that[...]