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Cover image for Icon and Rocket Season One #6
Rocket has been invited to dinner in this preview of Icon and Rocket Season One #6, in stores Tuesday from DC Comics Unfortunately, it's to be the main course Can she avoid becoming a meal? Check out the preview below. ICON AND ROCKET SEASON ONE #6 DC Comics 1021DC111 1021DC112 – Icon and Rocket Season One #6 Doug Braithwaite[...]
Mike Richardson Renames Own Comic Icon As Cloaked
It was solicited under the name Icon as a four issue limited series about the return of a masked vigilante after 25 years. Mike Richardson Renames Own Comic Icon As Cloaked However, it is possible that someone may have pointed out that Marvel Comics has the Icon Comics imprint for creator-owned comics, including those from Brian Bendis[...]
Icon And Rocket Season One #4 Review: A Thrill Ride
In Icon & Rocket #4: Season One, the chickens of adventurism come home to roost for the female lead The modern incarnation of the alien hero takes more bold steps away from his more conservative origins. Icon & Rocket #4: Season One Cover Credit: Milestone/DC Comics The dramatic duo has put the pinch on the global economy[...]
Icon And Rocket Season One #3 Review: Wonderful
Icon & Rocket #3: Season One takes on that criticism with a global degree of activism that stirs the pot at home as well. Icon & Rocket #3: Season One Cover Credit: DC Comics There's one criticism that could be leveled at this issue: a central plot element (the disruption of the global illicit drug trade) has its[...]
Icon And Rocket Season One #2 Review: Enjoyable
In Icon & Rocket #2: Season One, you absolutely should not come looking for your father's Augustus Freeman the 3rd, or yours, depending on your age This is a whole new Icon, and while the venerable and respectable former version was — if you'll pardon the pun — iconic, what we have here is well[...]
Milestone Returns Zero launches in February (Preview)
Milestone Compendium One, is to be a softcover collection from DC Comics with more than 1,300 pages of classic Milestone stories, collecting the debut story arcs of Blood Syndicate, Hardware, Static, Icon, Xombi, and Shadow Cabinet from the original Milestone creative teams, and will be published in September Milestone Media was founded in 1993 by[...]
DC's Black Superman Movie Sees eBay Sales Explodes
In Elliot S! Maggin's novelisation of Superman: The Man of Steel, there is the suggestion that the people of Earth, Krypton, and others are descended from a common ancient race. But DC Comics already published another comic with a "black Superman" archetype, Icon, part of the Milestone line He's an alien who originally looked very different[...]
DC Comics Takes The Knee For Juneteenth
Art from DC. The artwork showed a number of Black DC Comics characters taking the knee or posing with the Black Power salute, including Green Lantern, Rocket, Amanda Waller, Hardware, Bumblebee, Aqualad, Icon, The Signal, Black Manta, Mister Terrific, Black Lightning, Superman Of Earth 23, Static, Guardian, Doctor Mid-Nite, Lucius Fox, Bronze Tiger, Vixen, Tyroc, Steel,[...]
Men Of Wrath Gets A Curious Name Change (Or Not)
And the incorrect information sent out by Marvel and Diamond to retailers, on which this story was based, will be amended… The original, incorrect story, runs below… Men Of Wrath, the new creator owned Icon book from Marvel by Jason Aaron and Ron Garney is getting a name change to Men Of Wrath By Jason Aaron. Usually this[...]
Jason Aaron And Ron Garney – Men Of Icon
Marvel's Image-alike Icon imprint has been a little unloved of late, with occasional projects from Mark Millar and Brian Bendis taking up the majority of its numbers. Well, they have given CBR the news about a new creator-owned book by Jason Aaron and Ron Garney, Men Of Wrath. Icon titles are usually reserved for significantly prominent Marvel[...]