Bendis Shares Powers #1 Variant Cover From TV Series

Brian Michael Bendis shared the variant cover for his and Michael Avon Oeming's relaunching Powers #1 on his tumblr page. The cover features Sharlto Copley and Susan Heyward as homicide detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim from the upcoming Playstation Network live-action adaptation of the series.  

Men Of Wrath Gets A Curious Name Change (Or Not)

And the incorrect information sent out by Marvel and Diamond to retailers, on which this story was based, will be amended...The original, incorrect story, runs below... Men Of Wrath, the new creator owned Icon book from Marvel by Jason Aaron and Ron Garney is getting a name change to Men Of Wrath By Jason Aaron.Usually this[...]

Jason Aaron And Ron Garney – Men Of Icon

Marvel's Image-alike Icon imprint has been a little unloved of late, with occasional projects from Mark Millar and Brian Bendis taking up the majority of its numbers.Well, they have given CBR the news about a new creator-owned book by Jason Aaron and Ron Garney, Men Of Wrath.Icon titles are usually reserved for significantly prominent Marvel[...]

Kick Ass Read Frank Miller's Batman – But Not Kevin Smith's (Spoilers)

In today's Kick Ass 3 #2, our hero Dave Lizewski has a plan. And it's one inspired by Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli's Batman: Year One. He's a bit like Scott Snyder in that respect. How literally? Well here's the scene… And this is how it plays out in Kick Ass' head. Man, I really […]

Jimmy Palmiotti Takes Painkiller Jane to Icon

In a recent interview, Jimmy Palmiotti announced he was taking the Painkiller Jane property over to Marvel's Icon Imprint The art on the four-issue series will be split with Juan Santacruz drawing the main story and Sam Lofti will draw the back-up story focusing on Jane's origin Paul Mounts will be providing colors for the[...]

Supercrooks by Mark Millar and Leinil Yu: The Prologue

The next issue of CLiNT Magazine accidentally shipped to comic stores three weeks ahead of schedule, requiring Diamond to request that shops not sell the comic. Even thought it had already been on sale for days at Forbidden Planet and in a number of bookstores. Nevertheless, most seem to have complied. Most. I've been sent […]

The Secret Service From Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons And Matthew Vaughn (UPDATE)

This one goes back. Waaaaay back. Indeed, the first news story ever published on Bleeding Cool had this headline: Mark Millar And Dave Gibbons To Create New Comic Together We later found out that Matthew Vaughn was a co-creator too. Whether this means he'll be making a film out of the comic, I can't guess, […]

Fatale – The New Ed Brubaker And Sean Phillips Comic For 2012

In the final (and rather wonderful) issue of Criminal: Last Of The Innocent, out this week, Ed Brubaker talks about his and Sean Phillips' next project for Marvel's Icon imprint, in the back.It's called Fatale.Brubaker says; Fatale is a bigger story, one that'll run at least 12 issues, and I think it brings a new twist[...]

Where In The World Is The Superior Charity Book?

At the Kapow Comic Con earlier this year in London, Mark Millar and friends set the world record for the fastest completion of a comic book, with writers and artists diving in to complete a new issue of Superior under the watchful eye of the Guinness Book Of World Records, the intent being to publish […]

Kick Ass 2 To Come Out Every Six Weeks. Honest.

Mark Millar and John Romita Jr's sequel to their Marvel comic Kick Ass has been plagued with delay, rather, which Millar has attributed to John Romita Jr having to prioritise company-owned Marvel work as part of his contract with the publisher. However he tweeted today a committment to a Kick Ass 2 schedule in coming […]

Jonathan Ross And Bryan Hitch To Create Comic For 2012?

pitch or a synopsis, I'm told by the kind of person who should know that Bryan Hitch's project will written by British broadcaster and comedian, Jonathan Ross.Ross has already co-created the comic book Turf for Image with Tommy Lee Edwards for Image, and the pair have a superhero project to follow that, Golden Age.Bryan Hitch[...]

A Pint And A Proposal?

Their 4/11 story about Mark's ancestors for Marvel was the last time.Mark has been hinting at another major creator-owned series with a world class creator for next year.And it might amuse Mark to nick Vincent back from his rival Grant Morrison.Can we start speculating about a Marvel Icon series by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely[...]

Brubaker Confirms Criminal Omnibus For November

Sneaking into Diamond Comics Distribution order sheets, but not the solicitations, themselves, the  CRIMINAL OMNIBUS HC has been a strange anomaly for the last couple of weeks in certain Marvel Comics listings. In response to enquiries my Little Bleeders, Brubaker confirmed that it was an early technical solicitation, and you can look forward to being […]