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doctor who
Doctor Who: Time Fracture is written by Daniel Dingsdale with design by Rebecca Brower, with James Goss on board as a show lore consultant and script editor. Image: BBC Angus Brown, Angus Dunican, Anouk Chalmers, Becky Bassett, Bethany Blake, Charlie Burt, Chioma Uma, Christina Andrews, Craig Hamilton, Daisy Winter-Taylor, Dare Emmanuel, Efé Egwele, Ellamae Cieslik, Elliot Rodriguez,[...]
An Army Of Ghosts Takes Over London – Interviewing The Ghosts Collective
Co-creator of The Waste anthology and Owen's art monkey on our upcoming book Matinee. James Lawrence – Comic artist from the Isle of Man, now exiled to Manchester.  Creator of Dangerine, co-creator of The Waste Anthology. P M Buchan – Originally from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, a writer in love with the macabre and misanthropic Co-creator of obscene horror comedy[...]
Selling Comics at Thought Bubble 2013 – Sunday
The Manchester contingent were represented by Girl and Boy creator Andrew Tunney, SLG's Peabody & D'Gorath creator M D Penman and Dangerine creator James Lawrence The three recently combined forces on post-apocalyptic anthology The Waste, a fantastic snapshot of the breadth of independent comics being created in the UK right now, and I recently collaborated[...]