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James Romberger Takes "Post York" One-Shot And Expands It Into a Graphic Novel
James Romberger is best known for graphic novels 7 Miles a Second with David Wojnarowicz and his wife Marguerite Van Cook, and Aaron and Ahmed, with Jay Cantor. Post York by James Romberger was a 2013 Eisner Award nominee for Best Single Issue (or One-Shot), published from Uncivilized Press It also span off into a slide[...]
Why The Grand Comics Fest In Brooklyn Ensures The Survival Of Comics
I was introduced to longtime cartoonist and writer James Romberger, someone whose work has had a massive impact on other comics creators, like Gregory Benton Both Benton and Romberger have been contributors to World War 3 Illustrated, the new collection that is set for a release party and presentation at Bluestockings Books on June 19th. [Benton,[...]
Your Eisner Awards 2014 Judges – Kathy Bottarini, William H. Foster III, Christian Lipski, Lee Oeth, Jenny Robb And James Romberger
She is the author of several comics-related articles, including "Bill Blackbeard: the Collector Who Rescued the Comics" in the Journal of American Culture and "From the Periodical Archives: Winsor McCay, George Randolph Chester and the Tale of the Jungle Imps" published in American Periodicals: A Journal of History, Criticism, & Bibliography. James Romberger, fine artist and[...]