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"Super Dinosaur": Robert Kirkman & Jason Howard's Comic Gets Animated on Amazon Prime

Robert Kirkman's one-man domination of the pop culture landscape continues, with The Walking Dead creator announcing a new children's adventure series – and no, it's not "Tiny Toons Walking Dead" (though we readily admit that would be pretty sweet). Skybound/Image comic book series Super Dinosaur from Kirkman and Jason Howard will premiere on Amazon Prime […]

5 Pages From Warren Ellis and Jason Howard's Trees: Three Fates #1

5 Pages From Warren Ellis and Jason Howard's Trees: Three Fates #1

Image Comics has released a preview of Trees: Three Fates #1, the first issue of the next volume of the creator-owned series by Warren Ellis and Jason Howard, ahead of its release in September. Final order cutoff for the comic is Monday, and Image is hoping it will sell out so they can send out […]

Warren Ellis and Jason Howard's Trees: Three Fates Coming in September

Warren Ellis writes his newsletter every week. Some people still don't subscribe. Here's another reason why you should stop not subscribing and start subscribing by clicking here. Because he's just put up a solicitation for September for the third chapter of his John Wyndham-ish alien-not-quite-an-invasion series with Jason Howard, Trees. Of which there is meant […]

Warren Ellis And Jason Howard Are Working On Something Else Between Trees…

At the MIT Media Lab yesterday, Warren Ellis was been interviewed by Kevin Slavin about his life, work and thoughts about stuff as part of a series entitled Mythophysics Of The New Normal. Along the way, he also made mention that he and Jason Howard are taking a break between the second and third volume of his […]

From Strip To Script – Trees

By Josh Hechinger Welcome to From Strip to Script, where I take a page of finished comic art and try to derive a script from it, to see what I can learn from the exercise. I missed the first 'season' of Warren Ellis and Jason Howard's Trees when it was coming out, but ended up […]

Bleeding Cool's 11 Best Comics Of 2014

By Rich Johnston, Hannah Means-Shannon, and Christine Marie Why 11? Building on our inaugural Bleeding Cool "best of" lists last year, we encourage you, dear readers, to dial it up to 11. It's no exaggeration to say that this has been an extreme year for the number of new and innovative comic series reaching readers […]

Not Enough Of You Are Reading Trees. Come On, Now.

Warren Ellis writes in his newsletter, TREES issue 8 is finally complete. As soon as I've gotten PROJECT STEPNEY out of the way (and I'm fifteen pages off the end of the first draft), I am commencing the second run of TREES, issues 9-13 approx, which I'm referring to as TREES: TWO FORESTS. This will […]

Trees #1 Sells 6,000 Copies More Than Ordered, And Slowly Continues To

I really liked the new Warren Ellis/Jason Howard comic book Trees. I'm sure I mentioned that a few times. In his Orbital Operations newsletter, Warren Ellis writes, Oh, the continuing stoooory of the TREES #1 overprint: according to Image, we have under 6000 copies of the overprint left. That means we sold around 44,000 copies […]

Trees Shows Humans Are Only One Tiny Piece Of Existence

By Dylan Gonzalez There are some weeks when I am reading comics and the work is so good, I think to myself, this would make a great movie.  Then I stop and realize I love that this is a comic and exists solely as a comic.  I kept thinking that on the day when I […]

That Ending Of Trees #1 And The Ending Of Edge Of Darkness (SPOILERS)

I really liked Trees. Here's just one of the reason. Spoilers on. Warren Ellis on the BBC's Edge Of Darkness. On the writer. Totally missed this: the writer Troy Kennedy Martin died yesterday. Today, he's probably best remembered by most as writer of THE ITALIAN JOB and KELLY'S HEROES. To me, he'll always be the man […]

Warren Ellis And Jason Howard's Trees – Your New Favourite Comic Book

Take an anthill. Stick a twig into it. Watch how all the ants scurry around, rebuilding, reorganising, attacking the stick, climbing the stick, coping with the stick. Because that's what ants do. Which is what happens to humanity in Trees, the new comic from Warren Ellis and Jason Howard, published from Image Comics tomorrow. The […]

SCOOP: Warren Ellis And Jason Howard's Trees, From Image, For May (UPDATE)

On the back of tomorrow's Previews, a new surprise May solicitation to keep you on your toes. Trees, from Warren Ellis and Jason Howard, who recently worked together on the digital comic Scatterland. And there's a preview inside as well. Thanks to the retailer who sent the above image across… expect Image Comics to officially […]

Swipe File: Super Dinosaur Vs Strontium Dog

Here are a few scenes from Super Dinosaur, published on Wednesday. And here is Strontium Dog from 2000AD created… a wee while before that. In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree. They may be homages, parodies, ironic appropriations, coincidences or works of the lightbox. We trust […]

Preview: Super Dinosaur #1 by Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard

There's a little part of my brian that looks at this and thinks "I bet Robert Kirkman saw Axe Cop and said "Yeah, that's all very well and good, but imagine what an actual adult could come up with" and, with the equally adult Jason Howard, we got Super Dinosaur. The direct market's best selling […]