Big Girls #6 Review: It Gets Very Real, Very Fast

Strap in because it gets very real, very fast in Big Girls #6, closing down the initial story arc and making a big shift for the cast members here. Jason Howard can apparently aptly call himself "writer," "artist," and "genius" after this superb performance.

Big Girls #6 Review: It Gets Very Real, Very Fast
Big Girls #6 Cover. Credit: Image Comics

The original status quo was that some pre-adolescent boys would get infected by an atmospheric contaminant and grow big. Skyscraper big. Pacific Rim big. The resulting gigantic, monstrously deformed boys would be called Jacks and considered the number one threat to society, which was in shambles after their first attacks. The only defense is an even more rare genetic defect that causes girls to grow to the same size, but without the attendant cognitive deficiencies or mutations … but there are only three, and no one understands how to reliably replicate the results. Of those three, the latest of their number Ember has serious questions about the "blast first, ask questions last" standard operational procedures.

This issue has big surprises that change the stakes for literally every character, each one getting their own arc to illustrate how these scant pages will change them. A bereaved father, a ruthless protector, stalwart defenders of the public trust — every one of them will face shocking revelations, each must find a way through this crucible. None of it is what you expected, but all of it is what had to happen for a conclusion that is so satisfying.

This is a spectacular showing of science fiction and emotional scope, and the idea that it's all done by one set of hands (save Fonografiks with spirited lettering) borders on being miraculous. This is highly recommended very enjoyable comics work. RATING: BUY.

Big Girls #6
By Jason Howard
END OF STORY ARC! From the destruction, a new world is born, but will it mean life or death for Ember and the Big Girls?

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