Big Girls #3 Review: Tragic Flashbacks & Egregious Property Damage

Big Girls by Jason Howard has delivered two great issues, back-to-back. The debut chapter introduced the premise with deep intrigue and pitch-black horror, while the second issue delved into the moral implications of what it really means to just slaughter these "jacks" in order to keep up a safe zone. Now, as Big Girls #3 begins with an illuminating prequel, it seems that we're about to do a deep dive into Ember as a character.

Big Girls #3 cover. Credit: Image Comics
Big Girls #3 cover. Credit: Image Comics

Big Girls #3 has three major parts: Ember's flashback which sheds light on her uncertainty over outright slaughtering the jacks, Ember's present in which a jack speaks to her in the middle of an attack, and then the resistance as they deal with an attack on their safehouse. It's a gripping issue that reads very quickly, bursting with energy and page-turning thrills. In Big Girls, just as you think you have a solid grasp on what's happening, writer/artist Jason Howard doles out just enough new information that you begin to question it all. The writing brings to mind Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, not because of any plot similarities, but because of the way that the mystery of the book is such a treat, because it exists to deepen the character drama. Too many genre comics include supernatural elements or mysteries for what seems like an end goal of elevating a book's cool factor. Meanwhile, here is Big Girls with its simple but interesting premise, and every time a bit of new mythology or every time the actions of a jack question what we know, it's done in a way to create moral quandaries for the characters. And the readers. Howard explores it all excellently.

Big Girls has what it takes to be a long-running series. I'd love to see the series keep pulling apart at the actions of these heroes. I mean, damn, the property damage alone…

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